May 28

Presence & Prayer

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It was an interesting Friday evening. My bed held me captive. Dinner was in the fridge, and night fall could not descend upon me fast enough. The patio cleaning was canceled so that I could attend a party. I did not plan to stay because tired was a beginning adjective […]

Oct 19

The Prayer

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A prayer does not always have to be formal or from a publication. Singing, chanting, dance, art, and drumming are also forms of prayer. Sometimes, I do not use words. I simply sit down in a sacred space and play my harp. The spiritual realm appreciates warm expressions directly from […]

Sep 6

The Railroad Tracks

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There is a railroad track next to my friend’s home that has always drawn my attention. As I awaited her arrival, I decided to walk there to pray. My hands searched for three pennies as an offering and as they found themselves into my palm, I looked down and saw […]

Aug 11

My Purring Present

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After leaving the gyn, I went straight home. A candle was lit and my hands started writing about my feeligns. The news was not bad; however, it tugged on a few strings for me. Surgery was offered as an option. My immediate response was that unless it is required, I […]

Jun 15


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1.) Blogging: Writing about my experiences really helps me get to the bottom of my feelings while allowing my friends a chance to connect with me. It avoids alienation and enhances the human experience. While I have been around a lot of people for longer periods of time, I am […]

Dec 9

Abundance: The Funny Thing

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It had been a long marathon performance week. Harp season had officially arrived and I was in full swing. Long evenings turned into long nights filled with music and confirmation emails. Sleep, eat, and harp; the only things on my agenda. New connections gave hope to more work in the […]

Jun 29

Hermita de Caridad: PRAYER MOMENT

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There was some time for me to kill in between outing yesterday. The famous church was right there. I figured it would be nice if I could have a moment in prayer in such a beautiful environment. The sanctuary soon found me sitting in a pew staring at Caridad del […]

Dec 12

A Quiet Moment

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It was not anything major in my book. The hype surrounding the 12.12.12 day did not include me or my attention. However, I did want to take a minute to pray at that exact moment. What I was able to accomplish was so much more. I ended up at a […]