The damn bottle could not be opened. The wrapping was wound tightly and the corkscrew was jammed. A tall man appeared as the frustration lingered in the air. He gently took a knife to the bottle and scratched off the paper. He then inserted the opener and carefully removed the corkscrew. He then poured me a glass of delicious wine and returned to his drums. In one quick swoop, he used his calm strength to ease a predicament.

She walked into the room to the beat of the music. Her eyes carefully scanned the room looking for her target. As they focused in on one person, the hips began to curve and the torso began to take move. She quickly became the dead center of attention around which the entire gathering revolved. All eyes remained in the palm of her hand.

Both situations have one thing in common. Neither party spoke. Nothing outlandish took place. However, both of them were able to capture the attention of others in a very subtle manner. There is a lesson here. What it learned is left entirely to you:)


There I was happy as could be because I had purchased two bottles of wine for the gathering. White for me and red for my sister. Upon entering the apartment, I poured her a glass. She politely refused it. I quickly grimaced and retreated to the kitchen. A whole bottle of red wine. Sigh. I poured myself a glass of white and joined the fun. Soon it was time for all of us to engage in girl talk. My sister went first.

She announced that there was a baby in her belly. The other women immediately began hugging her. My shock turned into tears on the spot. I hugged her last and exclaimed, “what a lucky baby”. I have never worried about this baby once because he is in the capable hands of a woman with a very strong spiritual presence with the heart of a true gypsy. She knows herself and marks her territory. Her creativity and international pursuits have all been poured into this one little life that will blossom and grow into someone extradinary.

The funny part is that she had to spend a day or two comforting me. She was the pregnant one. She was the one facing the major life change. It was during this time that I realized how close we really were and that maybe, this event hit a little too close to home. We went and prayed at the beach, danced in the moonlight, and rejoiced in the fact that she was now bringing forth life into the universe. This is yet another example of how the divine feminine returns and manifests itself.

Dear Issac

As I sit in front of my computer on a Saturday night, my mind reflects on the transition back to work and how eventful the week was. I have not had a lot of time for myself and have enjoyed my chance to finally exist without the insane madness. The impending weather seems to have affected much of the normal activity and people seem to be in a huff over a natural happening.

A hurricane is a nautral phenomena. It brings about change to the environment. I think of it as a destructive force that will cause the ultimate in recreation. The earth will be blessed with much needed rain for our crops to produce nourishing food for our bodies. Heavy winds will blow seeds to the four corners of the earth thus causing life in places where it did not exist before. The skies will be gray as a balance to the sun to which we are so accustomed. It will make us appreciate it the warmth that much more when it returns.

Many of us will be confined indoors without the normal excuse of work or appointments to separate us from bonding as families. I venture to say that many babies will be conceived over the next three days or so. New life in the universe is always an awesome event. This would be a wonderful time to attend to that extra hour of sleep that you have been needing or attempting that meditation that always escapes you. Because today was slower than my week, I was able to reach out to my wonderful sisters that perhaps needed to hear from me. I am grateful to have extended the hand of friendship because I received warmth in return.

As for the coming storm, I welcome the opportunity to slow down. It will be a time to just enjoy the myself and better understand the forces of nature. It reminds me of my vacation of slow living without the hectic pace of work interrupting my thoughts or attempts at healthy living. Now, I have already lost my probiotics and seem to be out of water. So it is with the trials and tribulations of trying to maintain balance in a world that runs rampant with negativity. I mentioned the forces of nature….

As I drove home last night from a rather productive meditation, the weather was horrible. The heavens opened and released water from damns that are unknown in this dimension. The electric show was also quite a production; it was worth money. I wasn’t threatened by all of this; however, that was prior to the sole lightning bolt that decided to strike the earth on the other side of the highway. No human should have to experience the proximity of such heat. The awesome power was a testiment to the fact that there is a superior officer in charge of us all. We are simply inhabitants of a place that we are borrowing. It was terrifying and beautiful all at once. I do not know if I would repeat the experience, but I welcome its lessons.

As I sit here typing away on a quiet Saturday night, I hope that people come together in a loving way this weekend. May of next year should have obstetricians running around like chickens without heads. Bond with each other. Share the warmth. Bask in the love. Nature is going to run her course whether or not we get all bent out of shape that it may rip off our roof. Be prepared to remain safe..but maybe, you could turn off the lights before the power goes out and enjoy that bottled water next to someone special.