Oct 19

A Surprise Party: The Operation

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As Fall rolled around, I knew that this time of introspection could possibly be chaotic for my newly widowed mother. It would be the first birthday without her husband. The thought of her having a nervous breakdown while I was at work was more than I could take. What could […]

Mar 15

The Day My Mother Fainted

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My bed was consuming me for a while as the time crept closer towards my performing in West Palm Beach. When the phone rang, I saw that it was my brother. He informed me that our mother had been rushed to Baptist Hospital. I knew that I was going to […]

Jun 20


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It was not the news that wanted; however, it was not a shock. The circumstances dicated long ago that this would be a possibility. As my ears received the words, I just lay there abosorbing what I already knew. My cherished form of physical activity would have to diminish from […]

Aug 11


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My eyes are the ocean wide, untamed and free. There you will find the light that emanates from within. When I smile, it is her happiness. A laugh is simply an extension of her comforting way. Undulating hips are the rhythmic throes of the waves constantly embracing the shore. Far […]