New Found Love Affair

The types of comments that I receive these days is material for a comedy routine…..

1.) You need to retire those jeans immediately. They are hanging off you.
2.) Do you have an ass?
3.) Wine does not support your sexiness?
4.) Can you eat here?
5.) When do you cheat?

The rain has prevented me from my morning walk. It does not mean that I am going to skip exercising today. Perhaps I can walk later this afternoon before my evening adventure or maybe I shall bust a move right after my breakfast bowl of organic yogurt. My body is sore from the small amount of exercise that it has been exposed to which means that it is not good for me to stop now.
While consuming my green goddess salad at Panera last night, I explained to my mother’s sisterhood that the weight loss that has occurred due to my diet is amazing to me. A torture master was not employed to help me exercise and this has happened. It brought about the thought of combining actual exercise with my strict eating. My stomach now comes to the surface with one question, “Are you necessary? Do you really need to be here?” Maybe I can be the one on the next cover of Sports Illustrated.
I told my mother that ever since this has happened, I have been obsessed with how I look. My reflection is admired in the mirror every single morning by my eyes, and they like what they see; what say with clothes…..there is a glow on my face in pictures. This is all supported by what I consume. It is an old equation that has truly taken on a new meaning for me.

The Smokey Eye

The Smokey Eye look became a reality for me last December; however, it wasn’t something that I felt comfortable recreating by myself. The video tutorial that I watched did not offer much comfort. My enthusiastic mother contacted the MAC counter to find out if they could do a quick lesson, and they consented free of charge; I just never made it there. As of today, things have changed.
My next angelic appearance, in costume, happens this coming Saturday. I wanted to combine the smokey eye with gold accents to carry the celestial realm to my facial expression. When a friend invited my to hang out today, it occurred to me that it was time to try it for myself. After all I did view a new video on youtube yesterday. Why not give it a test run?
From the moment that I finished, my eyes were never distracted from staring at myself. The colors were simply amazing. The look was completed with a nude lip which made for a nice subtle contrast. The idea of being seen in public was exhilarating. Why I even initiated a business interaction which went quite well. I am convinced that it was the make up. Saturday can not arrive fast enough for me. The anticipation of the pictures is more than I can take….