May 7


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It was an off colored email message. It was the norm from this particular individual. Comedic. I responded with a hello, how are you? The response was extremely disgusting and rather shocking. The thought of alcohol being involved crossed my mind. I was rendered speechless. It took an entire evening […]

Aug 11


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As my feet walked me away from the drum circle, the sand clumped along my legs. My multi colored scarf covered my lower portion as I simply couldn’t resist not taking a dip in the moon kissed ocean. A feeling of attention hit me. It occurred to me that a […]

Nov 18


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After being in the house all day, I was quite frantic to get out into the world. The movies did not hold anything promising, and all of my friends are otherwise engaged. I settled on the idea of conducting some research at the library. There I was browsing through some […]

Jul 18


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The chasing & acquiring of a dick is a difficult business.  How does a single girl narrow down her choices to just the right pleasureable delight? Will it be just the right size, does it belong to another woman? Man?  Is it polyamorous, play for both teams or is it […]