After getting some amazing henna done, my car was blocked in the parking lot. A man in a bathrobe asked me if I had a lighter. I said no but maybe there was a matchbook in my car. He perked right up at the possibility. The party inside Painting with a Twist raged on. As I handed him the book, I told him to keep it so he wouldn’t have to get a lighter. He graciously thanked me and vanished. Once the car that was blocking me was moved, it became rather apparent that I would not be able to easily reverse. There were too many cars for my comfort level. Guess who reappeared out of thin air and spent his party time helping me to get out of the parking lot? He still had the bathrobe…..

Monday has been a puzzle of errands. A smoothie was in order with a strong shot of ginger. Cayenne pepper was added much to my spicy delight. The total came to $8.35. I handed over a $10.00 bill. While the cashier prepared my change, I found $.35 and handed it to him. He apologized and said that his math was very poor. I told him that two dollars would be my change. Far be it from me to judge anyone on their math skills. My math skills threatened my entire academic career. There are tasks that simply go undone in my adult life because I can not stand anything remotely mathematical. However, I did wonder how is it that this equation was difficult to figure out. Has Facebook, Siri, and other techie mechanisms contributed to this? A serious curiosity….

Abundance: The Funny Thing

It had been a long marathon performance week. Harp season had officially arrived and I was in full swing. Long evenings turned into long nights filled with music and confirmation emails. Sleep, eat, and harp; the only things on my agenda. New connections gave hope to more work in the new year. In the middle of it all, a person crossed my mind.

Years ago, I used to visit a missionary on the north side of Miami. She was a much older woman with years of prayer under her belt. She worked Psalms and conducted brief church services for those that sought her assistance. Her old home stood with a poor roof; nothing that could not be fixed with the proper roofing company. I had not seen her since 2008. I decided that I would take my friend to see her so that we could share in the joy of God.

I prayed for guidance to the home as I did not know if I would remember how to find it. Once in front it, the garden was quite recognizable and the roof was still in great need of repair. Unfortunately, the gate was locked; this was new. It had never been locked before. There weren’t any neighbors that I could ask about the situation. Suddenly, the front door opened and out walked the kind missionary. We called to her and she ventured out to greet us. She told me how much I had crossed her mind the other day; no doubt the same day that she had crossed mind. She had to close her church due to the city declaring her home unstable. Nonetheless, she gave all of her glory to Jesus and offered us Psalms for us to reflect upon throughout the week. We told her that we would check on her in the new year and made a contribution towards the maintenance of her missionary endeavors.

This morning, I awoke in tears. I asked God to please show mercy upon this woman, his very dedicated servant. She worked upon his behalf. I wondered how so much abundance had been given to me and yet this woman could not gather the resources to take care of her home. I never wanted to ask about her family or insurance; however, it was obvious that neither were progressing for her if either existed. It did not seem fair to live in a world where no bank could help her. My fingers found an email address to connect me with possible organizations that could possibly help her. Tom Joyner may even hear from me. They say it takes one person to make a difference. This may be my opportunity.


It was finally time to replace my stolen license. There I was standing behind a man with all of my required documents. An elderly lady was using a rolling walker to get to the door. She was going to need help with the door. The man also realized this and went to hold the door open for her. Unfortunately, she became entangled in the long black rug on the floor. He prompty untangled her and held the door open for her. She looked at him and said, “Thank you my son.” He then followed her outside to her car. I am assuming that he was helping her out there as well. When he returned to the line, he stood behind me. I really wasn’t expecting that.
As I turned to him I smiled and said, “Didn’t you just help that woman by holding the door? That was very kind of you. Don’t you want your original spot in line?” He said yes, if I did not mind to which I responded that I did not. This man was willing to lose his place in line at the DMV a place that is a potential disaster for your nerves, to help this elderly woman whom he did not know. Chivarly lives. One point for mankind.


Change is always to be expected. This is the natural flow of life. Sometimes, change can be a wonderful transition that goes well. At other times, change may bring about quick things that upset a flow before one has a minute to prepare. I found myself in the latter situation just yesterday. It caused such an uproar that I fled the scene before I said something that I would later regret.

I found myself seeking the sanctuary of a quiet spot in nature away from the scene of terror. It was there that I sat for a long period without any regard for the clock. Sometimes, a Lady needs a minute. Well, this was a long minute. Various thoughts ran through my head as it continued to dawn on me that my reality was changing and indeed I was being pushed towards something that was more suitable for the woman that I now recognize myself to be. Tears of frustration and anger flew from my eyes as I wrapped my mind around the realization that this was not going to be an easy transition. However, if it is going to truly mean anything to me, why would it be easy?

My internal voice called to the angels to help me. It was not my intent to consume something unhealthy for my body as I had been cooking healthy meals all week. Shopping for fun was also not a good idea. In the process of desiring a more positive outlook in the middle of a storm, I found myself wanting to spend time with a certain ray of sunshine that hadn’t glowed around me for a little while. Alas, my tears dried, and my prayers brought me some relief. It was later that day that I received a phone call from that ray of sunshine requesting my presence. I voiced what I needed, and it was given to me. Fortune is truly mine. This is how I combat thoughts that do not serve me. I ask for help to have them taken from me.

Aside from that day, my time has been spent working on what I want to do regarding my womens’ mission. A lot of progress has been made in that a mission statement was clarified to the point that I was able to post it for public viewing. As I finalize workshops for the remainder of the year, I have already begun to speculate about the goals for next year, and how I plan to grow with my work. My team now includes a vegan pagan that provides us with tips on healthy eating as she eats based on her intuition and the needs of her body; this concept is important to me and should be shared. All of these happenigns have been combined with Fall crafts and readings so that I can continue to be artistic while providing people with that extra insight and support that the angels give to everyone. I have begun working with another archangel which has clarified my purpose and fueled my enthusiasm.

As I survey my weekend, I look forward to the workshops that will be happening: Business Reflections by Lacey Hudson and Raks Chakra(Simbiya) with the Lady of Harp. Why, I was even asked to do a mini-circle at the end of the business workshop; this brings me great joy as I shall present a meditation that I developed for the heart. Work that is done for the benefit of others is quite rewarding as the investment is worth more than green paper. Both women are masters within their fields and bring a wealth of knowledge to all that welcome it. The learning process is always in motion and can truly help a woman in creating new realities for herself. The hour is late. I wish to paint my toenails, stretech, and commune with the angels before a proper slumber.

(P.S. For more information on the current workshops or celestial readings, please email me: [email protected])