May 4

The Swimsuit

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In 2013, my mother traveled to Jamaica. She purchased a knitted swimsuit for me that was in the design of the Jamaican flag. Unfortunately, it was unable to fit. I comforted myself by saying I would give it to a smaller friend with a frame that could appreciate the suit. […]

Nov 19

An Inspirational Sight

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Sometimes, your life seems to dip into a swirling abyss. All you can do is hope for the best while expecting the next whirlpool. Insomnia seems to be ruining my life at the moment. Focusing on anything is impossible, and people simply irritate me by existing. There is never enough […]

Jul 26


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Sometimes, a girl just wants something different for a meal. Ever since I went to the new Whole Foods Market two weeks ago, some thoughts have been prancing around my mind. As I wandered around this afternoon in search of lunch, I pondered those thoughts once again. What is it […]