As I settled into my repertoire, I felt his eyes upon me. His entire demeanor had changed. The conversations around him stopped as he faded into another world with me at its center. He turned himself for a better view and his ears began to take in the soothing sounds of the music. It was not long before he told me how much he appreciated my performance. A smile crossed my face as I said thank you as I am so used to being ignored. He returend to his seat and slowly eased back into the conversations that he had left long ago. It was then that I decided that I would not only captivate him. I was going to take the entire room into another world.

I closed my music books and turned off the stand lights. My fingers found the strings and slowly I began to play. One by one the heads turned. The low hum of talking ceased. My improvisations seemed to have taken over every person in the room. Where they went, I do not know because music can cast such a personal spell that your heart is free to roam wherever it wants. What I do know is that there was an attraction last night. There was an attraction between a man and the music. As the night came to a close, that smile crossed my face again knowing that my job was complete.

It has been my good fortune in life to be surrounded by some of the most beautiful women on the planet; they are called my sisters. It is often that I will find myself situated at a table awaiting one for tea. As she walks in, the heads begin to turn. Faces light up. For some strange reason the waiter becomes extremely attentive. What has brought about this turn of events? Well, everyone loves a beautiful smiling girl that is obviously confident about herself.
Something about it simply calls to people and they want a slice of that pretty picture for themselves. Its almost as if her mere presence uplifts them into another sphere where they are free to smile and be happy with themselves. Perhaps she gave them permission. It is always a thrill to observe.

There is something to be said about surrounding yourself with things and people that will raise your vibration. If someone has already figured it out and is walking the way of their path with light, it would do you some good to take notes. I have sought out teachers that have that certain element that calls to me. There within lays a connection. Some of those teachers have become friends and extremely strong allies whom support me to the highest extent. Because of their efforts, I am a better person with a grander scope. There are experiences that are available to enhance oneself in the most beautiful places around the world. You have only to open your eyes and pick which one you would like to have.

The attraction takes a bit of self love as well. Whatever you are attracted to you rings that bell because it is something that you want to have flourishing from your own garden. If you are able to cultivate it as your own, then naturally you begin to love yourself just a little bit more. This then makes you radiate a special glow that everyone can see; others yet will feel it and then want to be connected to you. Its a beautiful circle of flowing positive energy that you can use to your advantage.

Jealousy. Envy. Self-hate. These feelings have never made sense to me. If someone has something that I like, I ask the person how did she get it. If you are envious of someone else, that means that you have failed to count your own blessings. We do not know about the inner turmoil that each person has. What did that person go through to get to that success? There is always something that would surprise us. Self-hate is simply dangerous. This hole leaves you living in a dark void filled with negativity. It can make you tired and quite lonely. Who can see you if you do not like yourself? That is why it is always important to work on your insecurities. It could be as simple as talking to a friend or as complex as therapy depending on where you are. Crystal work and prayer are two things that can work in combination with whatever you are already using if you want to incorporate such things.

There is nothing like being in the presence of an expert to work on that part of the equation that makes you feel like hiding. Being able to voice it aloud and get excellent support is truly a wonderful feeling.

Yes, I have them all the time. I have been asked to create a workshop that focuses on practical everyday ways of empowering oneself. I have created a list and continue to do my research and reflections. My hope is to offer it during the early summer as the schedule for the first couple of months has already been posted. One of my objectives next year is to share how spirituality must be woven into every aspect of life for that ultimate in support. It is yours to use. Why not put it to work for you:) The beautiful part about it is that no two people use it the same way. It is unique and executed according to the needs of the individual. Which reminds me….there is a reading to be done. XXOO

The Power of a Woman: GLOW

Some women have the ability to simply look at a man and make him drop to his knees. Others yet have no problems becoming the dead center of attention in any room. I am fortunate to call some of these women my sisters.

This is a simple equation of confidence and the ability to maximize on the lessons of the Sacral Chakra. This is the foundation of the sensuality and sexuality that a woman brings to the table. A woman that is able to properly harness her natural magnetism can capture the attention of the masses. It is a power that baffles many and intrigues the rest. It intrigues me.
There are some that will flirt shamelessly simply because they know the man is attracted to them and is ready to blush himself senseless.

I find it rather astonishing that some of the most beautiful women in the world walk around not knowing how truly stunning they are. A lot of them are in relationships and never hear from their significant others, “Sweetheart, you are absolutely gorgeous..”. How is this possible?
If a woman is made in the likeness of the goddess, how is it possible that she is not being told by those around her that she is a star to behold? A lot of it has to do with the fact that confidence can not be taught. It can be instilled, but it has to be cultivated by the individual.

Many of my sisters get caught up in body image which then causes insecurity issues. Then when the so called pencil thin model walks by, the insecurity turns to catty jealousy. These things are simply unecessary. Society does not help with the endless press coverage of one body type coupled with a slew of violent reality tv shows (which feature women behaving poorly).

I have always been comfortable with my body; however, when I had my major weight loss, I became a different person. I started wearing make up. My diet became very important because of my workout schedule. New clothes were not purchased because I was having so much fun fitting into the old ones and creating new outfits out of them. Why I even scheduled a photo shoot in revealing clothing because my new body brought me a new level of liberation. Its flattering to know that you can walk your dog down the street and traffic stops because of you. (I blushed..twice). Since maintaining it, I now wear a bikini to the beach and am looking into new clothes to maximize my full appeal(Jophiel Moment in progress). The process changed me for the better, and it made for a rather exciting journey.

Perhaps because of this journey with my body, I feel a high level of empathy when I realize that someone isn’t as comfortable with their body as they can be. Suggestions from my self-truths….

1.) There are some women that have studied fitness and how to make it work for you to a science.
Pole fitness can give you the ultimate workout while showing you that even the quietest girl in the room can command the floor with her sex appeal.

2.) Confidence can not be taught. It is something that you have to acquire for yourself. Pinpoint your issues and work on them. It is not a trend but a true relationship that requires dedication from you.

3.) All of us know at least one person that can stop the room with her arrival because she is just that gorgeous. Ask her how she does it. You would be surprised at how eager such beings of beauty are to share. Most of them do not even know because it is natural.

4.) Become comfortable with yourself. You may have to spend some time alone in order to do this, but it is well worth the effort.

5.) When you wake up, go to the mirror and look at yourself without any clothing. Spend time admiring the craftmanship that god created. Tell yourself how beautiful you are and allow it to resonate within you for the remainder of the day. You can use it as a happy place reference as you go about your daily routine.

6.) Spend time on yourself. Hair, make up, nails…find out what you like and create your happy medium. You do not have to be a full blown fashionista or drop hundreds of dollars to make yourself attractive to yourself.

7.) Try tasting the honey with your eyes closed and imagine how you can interpret that experience.

Your inner glow is directly linked to your outer glow. You want to take care of it and allow it to shine. You want to connect to the sensuality of your Sacral Chakra and allow it to flow through you like sweet honey. Naturally, you will want to call upon a lover to share in this sexy tango. All parts of you deserve to be balanced so that you can operate at the highest levels of joy:)