Sep 18

Happiness in the Fall

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When this year began, mixed feelings ran rampant. My broken heart lay all over the floor while spiritually, an elevation began. Frustration, confusion, and inner chaos ruled the world. My job was dreary and there were little to no performances. As the summer crept upon me, I looked at my […]

Mar 27


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He was attractive and had a skill. We exchanged numbers. Within a week, his kisses were accompanied with fondling. I blinked and he asked me point blank, “When are we going to have sex?”. Unfortunately for me, I tend to give people too much credit. This was a red flag […]

Aug 19

Follow Your Gut

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It was the so called “sweet” sixteen year of my life. A new youth pastor came to the church where I was a musician. Upon arrival, he proceeded to contact all of the teenage girls after 10pm via phone. Let me also mention that none of the boys were contacted. […]

Jul 7

Deep Thought

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Human bonding involves risk. It is not for the faint at heart. You have to lay your soul bare if you are to experience the highest levels of true love, compassion, and ultimate fulfillment. For those that choose to push themselves to the extent of such experiences, the consequences include […]

May 17


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The Scandal hysteria has been all over Facebook for a while now. Television doesn’t exist in my living space; however, in an effort to better understand the world around me and perhaps find some inspiration for my current lack of direction, I decided to watch a few episodes on the […]

Dec 13

Feelings Change

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Feelings change. A hot crush can become a mild recognition. A great love can become a nice friendship. Your taste for chocolate cake may turn to vanilla. We are constantly changing within our cycles and thus evolve. This is a natural process. It is important to understand your feelings and […]

Dec 9


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After a rather eventful Saturday evening, Sunday morning found me rather sleepy. I did not have a desire to venture out into the world yet again. There was a gathering that I wanted to attend but was not sure if I would go. Staying home in the comfort of my […]

Dec 2


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When it rains, I become extremely unhappy as if I could cry myself. Its even worse if it is late at night. This is something that I realized earlier this year. However, it was during a random discussion with my mom that I found out that I have always had […]

Nov 23


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A woman has many layers that compose her. She is multi-faceted and as diverse as the drops of water that make up the ocean. The women that are able to draw upon their strengths, understand their flaws and always work on themselves in an effort to hear their own vibration […]

Nov 3

Your Imagination is Real

2012-11-03T10:23:40+00:00November 3rd, 2012|SELF-EMPOWERMENT|0 Comments

There was a strange sound coming from my tire as I drove home from class last night. I prayed to Archangel Michael to let me get home because I did not want to be stranded at night trying to reach AAA. When I reached home, I looked at the tire. […]