In 2010, The Beginning was released as my first cd. It had occurred to me that I had fallen into simply doing performances that enabled me to be in the background; this is something that I needed to change. Music has been a passion of mine since childhood, and there was more that I could do with it besides my normal endeavors. Compositions began to appear and the impromptu songs that I created suddenly surfaced as a new skill for me: improvisation.
Since releasing that cd, interesting collaborations have occurred. Poets have poured their hearts out on stage as I plucked tunes behind them. Some of the songs on the cd were written for: Flamenco, Ballet, and Middle Eastern Dance. I even used my music while teaching at a local womens’ shelter. There was once a beautiful pole dancer that freestyled for ten glorious minutes while I created her soundtrack.
When I think about why I live this musical life, I think about how the music makes me feel. It gives me the opportunity to be creative and step into an extraordinary life. My mind can go somewhere and take the audience with it. Words do not have to be said; the music does the talking for me. It can convey the deepest of emotions and the heights of joy.
Harp was not available to me when I had a fleeting thought about it in middle school. As my senior year of high school came to a close, my father suggested that I try it. It was not long before I was performing at local events and with various ensembles. Life serves as the inspiration for me to continue this journey with my harp. There is so much to share and explore with this rare instrument. It brings me a great deal of satisfaction when people are able to get in touch with their feelings because they were able to listen to me perform.

Along the journey of life, I discovered meditation. It soon dawned on me that the harp would be beneficial to such a practice. It was then that I created Harpitations; meditation to my improvisations on the harp. This was something that I pursued at a local spiritual center for a year along with womens’ circles. People would share their visions and feelings of being balanced after the sessions. It was always an interesting exchange of energy. I would offer the music and the people would return their words of elevation. In the near future, I see myself developing this into something that can benefit more people.
As the year progresses, new projects shall appear on my plate. Celtic Harp is something that shall be a pursuit of mine in addition to a possible Soprano & Harp recital. Composing is always around the corner, and there has been more than one request for another cd. Narrowing down the theme shall be difficult as there is so much that I can do: angels, lullabies, popular music; it is so hard to choose. The one thing that is certain is that the life of a musician is always full of wonderful things that entertain not only the audience but the musician as well.


Somtimes, a girl may have a question about something personal, technical or otherwise.  I had a million questions about blogging since it is new to me.  My friend, whom I call Tech Chic, has a strong background in computers.  I sent her a message and received an informational phone call.  Now, she has to write that book that was in the back of her mind to pen.  See what just happened?  What if I had kept that question to myself?  She may have missed the signal to go ahead and pursue this next endeavor.

When you take the appropriate questions to the correct person, the answer has benefits for both parties.  The person gets a chance to share and facilitate knowledge and the recipient gets that desired present.  The energy exchange is wonderful.

There are so many topics in the world.  No one person can know everything; this is why there are specialists.  If you want to learn how to clap your posterior, seek the assistance of a professional that understands the rhythm of the cheeks to the beat.  Maybe 6/8 time always confused you because it is counted in two.  If you ask the lead percussionist, he can break it down for you and give you a new lease on time signatures.  Unsure of which color best suits the room?  If you ask the art teacher about which shade of purple is best with which light, expect an impromptu lecture that reinforces her own knowledge while giving you the information that you couldn’t find on the internet.  I once had a question and didn’t know where to turn.  I went to Facebook and friended the administrator of a group and interviewed him.  He is now a close personal friend whom I speak to daily:)

Always have your resources at hand even if they are in a foreign country.  For the most part, people love to share their knowledge especially when given the chance.  So, speak up. Do not be shy.  Ask the fitness instructor if she cross trains.  Talk to the vegan about why grass is so important.  You may even get a new friend out of it.  I have…plenty of times:)