The Sacral Chakra: The Seat of Creativity

My Sacral Chakra is my dominant energy center. Naturally, it gives me the most issues while dictating the ebb and flow of my life. A spiritual dress was created to bathe it in orange so that it can bask in its natural hue. As I think of it this evening, creativity and abundance come to mind.
Allow yourself to communicate through some form of creative expression or cultivate an important hobby. It does not matter if you share it with others or attain a professional level. It needs to meet your personal needs. Perhaps you enjoyed drawing as a child but life took you in other directions. You could pick it up again in your adulthood. Take a drawing class or buy a sketch book and draw in your garden.
Many people shy away from journaling because they feel as if writing is simply not for them. In the privacy of your own written space, how & what you are sacred matters. There is not going to be an exam or someone shoving an opinion down your throat. It can truly help with dream tracking and showing you your personal life cycles.
It is no surprise that this lower chakra is associated with fertility. Women create life and nurture it as mothers. However, one can be pregnant with things other than children. A constant flow of words may overflow from one person while another can be a source of impromptu ideas that never fail. Once you are able to pinpoint your fertile moments you can also maximize upon this power. You may discover that with deep breathing, you are able to energize this chakra as well as the others which then allows you to smile more often.
You can see the work of this chakra if you observe a connected couple at dinner. They may seem completely oblivious to the world around them because they are simply taken by the sight of each other. The interactions with other people are gentle and without effort. The sense of touch is heightened which is evident in the fact that their hands have never parted. This is the orange energy center at work.
When you sit outside in nature, you may be aware of the wind in your hair. The warmth of the sun may be comforting to you as well. If you taste a delicious pear, you will no doubt enjoy the soft compression of the fruit. The sweet juices will refresh you as you savor the moment. When we get caught up in the frantic mania of life, the little things that make it wonderful are often overlooked. That is when it is important for us to stop. Remember that a breath can change everything. A moment of silence can honor a broken system and return us to the necessary steps of healing. Write an entry in that journal about everything or nothing at all. Take the sewing class. Register for that graduate womens’ studies class. Whatever it is, allow your Sacral Chakra to take its rightful place as your seat of creativity.

Simbiya: Raks Chakra/Inner Vision Photography/Goddress Collection


“Women should honor the energetic circle around them by wearing a dress or a skirt. Let’s bring the feminine healing power back to this planet..”~Mother Nature

The sacred circle was broken long ago through the overuse of pants and the heightened insistence of masculinity thus causing societal imbalances. Because of her background in photography and Raks Chakra, Simbiya felt the need to inspire femininity in women while retaining a sense of comfort and elegance. Ultimately, her artistic healing vision promotes women in their natural divine form.
The Goddress Collection is inspired by Simbiya’s personal belief that every woman is a goddess. The collections embody the energy of the divine feminine that women carry within themselves. The clothes are inspired by goddesses from around the world to bring out the best in what each individual woman has to share with the universe.
The dresses can be customized to suit your personal needs or choose one from one of the divine collections. The fabrics are chosen with an artistic eye with an insistence on comfort and unique style. Certain goddresses feature healing crystals for specific purposes. Each piece receives Reiki from Simbiya so that the gentle energy still resonates while the goddess wears it. Goddesses around the world are glowing in them each day as the popularity for this creation is rapidly growing. New goddresses are created daily in order to meet the needs of the worldwide clientele and to inspire universal healing. Order your Goddress today and connect with your goddess.

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Beatriz “Simbiya” Ricco has spent over a decade in the field of photography. She was born in Brazil and has lived all around the world. As a shy teenager, she found a voice in photography because it did not demand words. This international language allowed her to travel and then share the world with others. Her talent & sensitivity were recognized, and she decided to pursue formal training. She graduated from the Institute of Fort Lauderdale, FL, where she spent many years working and honing her craft.
Her captivating images have received countless awards, and her work has been featured in exhibitions all around the world. Her pictures convey a wordless poem that goes beyond the aesthetic and captures the communication of the soul. She specializes in portraits, nature, events, fashion, and travel documentaries.
Simbiya always meets the needs that are not spoken aloud which led to the creation of Inner Soul Photography. It manifested into an artistic conversation of universal truths. These focused photo sessions blend her artistic sensitivity with her awareness of mystical & esoteric arts using digital photo technology. It is her intent to execute a psychic reading of sorts through the emotions that she is able to capture. Such content is normally beyond the scope of the naked eye. The finished product is unique to reflect the chosen subject matter and often provides the client with more information than what was previously known.

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Beatrice is known for her ability to capture more than a picture while creating something innovative and memorable. If you are in need of her unique talents, please feel free to contact her. Your special requests are handled with the highest level of care and creative attention.

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The conversation wasn’t under the best circumstances, but my sentiment of love had been sent.  There was nothing else for me to do but continue with my daily wonderings.  Two days later, I was involved in an accident that could have subtracted me from this equation.  By the grace of God, I am still here.   I can happily say that someone knows that I have good feelings towards them.  It is to my great pleasure that I did so given my current situation.

Yes, there are many lessons for me to learn from the accident. However, the point that I want to focus upon is time, and its value to you.  A life is a precious gift which the most conscious of people take for granted from time to time.  We are human after all.  The thing that is important to remember is why are you living?

Do you go from your job to your home without stopping to sing a song?  Did you peck your husband on the cheek or grab him at the door and really shared that Tic Tac with him?  You were tied up in the grocery store and told your friend that you would call her back.  Did you?  Your mother invited you to family dinner but you were too tired to drive down there.  Did you at least make it for dessert?

As we get caught up in the business of our lives, it is important to remember to actually live.  When you wake up, spend a minute or two reflecting on yourself or something that you want to focus on that day.  As you eat, taste the food instead of inhaling it.  Do you really like scrambled eggs or would you prefer waffles with honey?  You go to work every single day plus overtime.  You deserve to schedule a vacation and not to think about anything but that beautiful beach.

If something or someone is important to you, always take the opportunity to either voice that or share it in some way shape or form.  Schedule that tea that you have been meaning to do but just can’t find the right time.  The right time is now.  Say hello to that person that you have thought of but just can’t seem to fit into that giant schedule app on your IPHONE.  Maybe you can see that movie with your mother instead of at home.

While you are making such strides, remember yourself.  You are an important asset to others as well as to yourself.  If you do not put your foot down and value yourself as a treasure, others will also have a difficult time doing so.  If you need to dance with you shadow in toe socks, go for it.

Paint your toenails that wild wacky color because you saw it on Youtube and that it was zany.  Take yourself on a date to the garden in your backyard even if it doesn’t exist yet.  You are giving yourself the freedom to enjoy your life.

Things happen and people move away for whatever reason.  All of us get extremely busy.  Sometimes, all we have left are thoughts of bonds that have been shared in the past.  Take the time to cultivate what you have or want to have.  It could be a relationship (platonic/self/romantic) or a dream.  Spend your time working towards such things.  In the end, I plan to be the grandmother with the long silver locks playing that organ.  It would be nice to hear the colorful stories that others have to share after the serenade.  In order for that to happen, we have to live now; do not wait for tomorrow because it is not written in stone.  You have this moment.  You have this breath.  Put it to good use and watch the fruits of your labor manifest into something wonderful.



1.) Reach out to your friends and have a monthly get together: potluck, movie, walk in the park etc. Talk, laugh, be silly.  Find that inner girl.

2.) Turn off the IPHONE and understand that Facebook will be there when you get back.

3.) If something important is happening in your life, call the people that are important to you and share it with them.  They will soon realize why they have been informed.

4.) If you are in a romantic relationship, have that special time together.  Treasure your bond.

5.) Tell your friends that you love them every chance that you get.  It does go a long way.

6.) Call your mother.  Spend time with your grandmother.  These are the wise women that support us; our first teachers, and the ones that worry about us the most.

**A connection with another person is to be celebrated at the highest level.

We need each other.  No man is an island and women need to be in the circle.