Sep 22

Thursday Thoughts of a Crystal

2019-09-22T09:19:01+00:00September 22nd, 2019|Inspiration for Women|0 Comments

Thursday Thoughts of a Crystal Appreciation goes a long way. It can inspire the most down trodden of souls to rise to new heights and experience new love. People react to such a change. Hugs increase. Polite requests appear. Memories are shared that you did not even know were present. […]

Mar 27

Energy Change

2019-03-27T12:30:19+00:00March 27th, 2019|Brief: Short and Sweet, RANDOM|0 Comments

There she stood. Grouchy as a toad. It was first thing in the morning, and the smile simply was not there. Her day was surely destined to crash and burn. I have seen her job and this stance was completely understandable. She is always being interrupted while facing daily deadlines […]

Sep 1

New Direction

2013-09-01T10:43:44+00:00September 1st, 2013|Brief: Short and Sweet|0 Comments

It became necessary for me to switch bedrooms in my home once again. The exercise room had to be demolished in order to accommodate new things. It was not possible for me to watch this part of the process; however, the finished product has brought me such happiness. The new […]