There it was. The one comment that made me take pause. Why on earth would someone tell me that paradise was lackluster? It was not until a dear friend pointed out the intent that I realized the gravity of the matter. I was hit on and did not even know it. It is my nature to encourage people and actively support them. When no one else believes in you, I am that cheerleader on the sidelines rooting for the upcoming victory. You do not have to be my friend or romantic interest; you could be a business. I believe in vision and support it with my heart as well as my dollar. Apparently, this was taken to heart and suddenly, my presence became important.
Why did this go over my head? Part of me has given up on love. There is no interest in pursuing anything in the one department that has failed me for the duration of my life. For whatever reason, Cupid has seen fit to simply overlook me. Life changes have enabled more pounds on my tall frame, and these days do not find me dressing in the manner that I would necessary like. Once again my hair is a mystery to me. From where did the sudden hit originate?
Men and women alike to have their dreams recognized and encouraged. They want someone to listen to the things that they want for themselves. It is not enough to be somewhat present for the struggle but also encourage the triumphs while mourning the failures. You have to be a part of it. A perfect example of this is how a child acts when you say something good about what they have done. More often than not, they look for excuses to interact with you because you make them feel good with praise and encouragement. Adults are the same.
You must be wondering what I shall do about the individual. Absolutely nothing. He is not my type. He needs to work out his issues with his paradise and find his Zen. I am over here working on me and mine.

A Poignant Letter

There I was sitting in the middle of my home. My mother crossed my mind as she does a lot these days in her grief. Since the passing of my father, her life has changed drastically. After almost 40years together, the love of her life has gone to the land of the ancestors. A moment of inspiration struck me. This is the letter that I texted her:

My sadness is not for my father dear mother. He walks amongst the clouds in the land of heaven. He is free from the troubles of the world and enjoys the company of his long lineage. My sadness is now for you. Your soulmate has transitioned from this life and you are left behind to mourn the tremendous loss. Know that the burden is not yours alone. Know that God will never forsake you which you have seen firsthand since God put his angels in motion. You shall rise from this process a victorious woman. Daddy shall await your ascension. Until then beloved mother, your entire life lays ahead of you. As you embrace this new chapter, I await at your feet to encourage and cheer you on. It is your time to shine. Do not fret. Mommy, God is always on your side. Cry if you must, but when the dawn comes, smile. Life is beautiful. Your faith alone shall set you free.