It was a dark and stormy Wednesday afternoon. My car was packed and ready for the performance. The nice warm black sweater with pearls fit me quite nicely. As I drove down the highway, I mentally reviewed the playlist in my head. I contacted my on site person to let her know that I was en route. It had been many years since I performed at Baptist Hospital, and I was happy to return to such a lovely place. I used to walk there and feed ducks.
After I unloaded, the hospital labyrinth swallowed me whole. It was quite a sight to see so many doctors and support personnel. It was nice to get a glimpse of so many different types of careers in their actual environment. Once inside the auditorium, I was greeted with smiles and good cheer. Once the instrument was tuned, I began to perform. It was then that the adventure began.
A woman approached me with such joy on her face. She said that her mother used to play the harp and when she heard me performing,…..she was unable to complete her sentence. She indicated to me that she had been crying and truly appreciated what I was doing. Music can have such an effect on people. It can provide them with emotional releases. Three hours came and went. The set finished with Adele as I have been updating my music with very current radio hits. Everyone was sad to see me go.
As I drove home, the rain continued to make its presence known. I thought about how touched that woman was by the music. It did something for her. I wonder who else can be moved with a performance….

An Evening with Mediums

It was a very interesting night for me. The gathering was for people that wanted to receive different types of readings, and I was one of the readers. As I wandered into my room, I created my setup on the acupuncture bed. Soft music filtered in through the ceiling which had to be turned off at some point because it began to interrupt me. My traveling reading creature comforts had accompanied me; candle, giant carnelian, angel cards.
Before people came looking for me, the fun loving priestess showed up with a smile. She inquired if we could exchange readings later. I thought that would be fun and said yes great enthusiasm. One by one they came searching for insights into their lives. The personalities were quite different from person to person and one can never know what will arise during such an exchange. There was one reading that stood out for me as it was my first group reading; it was also rather emotional for its focus.
Three men and one woman came in together. I announced that I would share the information that came through and that they could direct me to whom it applied. As soon as words left my mouth, the woman took note. We communicated through a translator but language was our sole barrier as my feelings began to reflect hers about her situation; I had physical reactions as the story as it unfolded. We experienced chills and goose bumps. I soon found myself telling the translator to inform her that I was rather uncomfortable talking about it because she was so uncomfortable with her predicament. My heart went out to her. For whatever reason, one word popped in my head and I said it with absolute conviction. It struck a chord with her as the tears and explanations began to flow. As the people stared at me in amazement, I shared in the astonishment. They were happy that they came and so was I.
As the night came to an end, the shortbread cookies called my name with the mint tea. The fun loving priestess appeared and we vanished to do our readings. She read me first so that I could breathe. She said that my current relationship has changed me for the better as it is a very healing experience for me. She commented on the beauty of my aura. All of her statements were excellent points of references for me. My turn came. My dark red scarf soon took its place on my head. The visions appeared and the words flew. She was quite pleased with what I had to say. We exchanged cards and agreed to read each other again in the near future.
When my body completely passed out in bed, the night replayed itself in my head. The new experiences made me smile and feel whole. As the dreams began, I wondered how I would use them as a platform to move forward into mediumship.

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The pastor said that women act more like men than men do. As I sat at my harp listening to this message being delivered in the middle of a wedding ceremony, my mind paused on this statement. Women can get artificially inseminated and do not need to get married; he spoke these words next. Truth.
If we take a closer look at the situation, perhaps there are circumstances beyond womens’ control that are causing these things to take place. Many women became strong and independence not because of their personality, upbringing, or by choice; they did so because it was a life requirement. If a worthy man is not in the picture, you have to handle everything by yourself. You can either cry about it, or put on a nice pair of shoes and take on the world.
As I listened to the news this morning, the story of a man that dropped a rather excessive amount of money in a strip club would report fraud to the credit card company the next morning. A football player lost his son by the hands of another man. How could I possibly forget about the man that impregnated enough women to be a public nuisance yet he felt the need to ask for a break from the court because, ” I can not afford all of these children.” Prince Charming is not in this deck. That does not mean that he does not exist but there are many a Cinderella in waiting that simply choose to take care of themselves.
Sometimes the desire to have a baby outweighs the desire to have a relationship with a man that would produce one. No, it is not natural. Neither is the food from McDonalds but people consume it every single day. Relationships are difficult to maintain. Motherhood alone brings its own special bag of challenges. It is an option that many choose to employ.
How does this affect me you may wonder. At this stage of the game, I would rather be alone than with someone that can not bring anything to the table. How do you plan to improve what I have already done for myself? Are you supportive, emotionally available? Do you expect me to drop my own life in honor of your presence? There are many things that my sisters deal with that I will not….but then again, a Lady always has options:)

Mama Watta Has Returned

Monday, July 13, 2009 at 3:14pm ยท
I am home from Egypt. Prior to leaving, I knew that this was not going to be a vacation but more of an experience. I was able to realize a complete cultural immersion to its fullest extent for the past 2wks. My reality was completely different from what is my normal life. If given the chance, I can not say that I would repeat this experience as it was extremely taxing on me physically as well as mentally. However, it was an experience that has enriched my life. The excursion did bring about the anticipated inspiration that will fuel my upcoming projects. I would like to thank everyone for their words of support and love while I crossed off yet another task on my bucket list.

I am happy to be home.
Of course you know that my comments about a 2wk stay in Egypt were not going to be that short…..

1.) A toilet is a wonderful invention.
2.) You do not know how important deodorant is until people around you do not have it.
3.) The United States needs to take a cue from other places and teach its children foreign languages as a way of life.

4.) A shower is a gift from God.
5.) The sun is what will wipe out the earth from existence.
6.) Donkeys are loud animals.
7.) Always have tissue with you…wherever you go.
8.) Music is my first love.
9.) Peace and quiet are of vital importance in my life.
10.) Never stop dreaming.

And now I can say, peace, love, and light….