Energy: My New Understanding

Prior to performing Reiki on others, I would say that my understanding of energy was basic. It was just enough to help me get through the day. There is bad energy, and there is good energy. However, there is a completely different comprehension now that I have been exposed to this energy by channeling it myself to others. The feedback always amazes me. This was hurting but now it is not. I did not know where you were but felt a very strong energy.
I have used Reiki on my food, and even performed Reiki on a bedroom and discovered a presence. While working on this one particular wall, a different sensation was being sent back to my hands. This was new. The energy normally flows through me without being returned. The room requires sage to keep all of its occupants happy and calm. However, imagine me being able to determine this with my new found activity. I was intrigued.
After reporting this experience to my Reiki instructor, we agreed that this work is a natural extension for a medium. It adds another healing element to what we already do.


As my night settled into silence, a few calls of sorrow came in about my predicament. People around me have been very upset by this and have reached out to show their concern for my well being; truly a touching time for me. The idea of my personal belongings being taken away from me without any regard for decency slowly digested. The aftermath of crime has a financial conclusion as well as emotional burdens. My slumber was interrupted by the events of the day. Finally, around 4am, sandman came to get me. For some strange reason, the birds outside did not know that they only need to sing during the day. A full length concert for the entire night is a bit much. Before I awoke, my mother called at 7am with great concern. My troubles were on her mind all night.

More phone calls and emails went out this morning regarding the closing of this or rescheduling of that. Instead of driving to Publix to shop for dinner items, I think that delivery is in order. The rain is rather unpredicable with an active Hurricane Season saying hello to us all. Before the afternoon rolled around, I found myself knee deep in people requesting immediate performances which will more than make up for everything that was taken from me yesterday. That sense of loss was momentarily pushed to the side as I searched for my musicians and worked on my newsletter for the circle. It is in times like these that I treasure the circle the most.

While it is necessary to make more phone calls due to this entire ordeal, an immediate concern is that this orange nail polish has chipped and must be replaced. After a visit to the shop tomorrow, my vehicle will be road ready. Why I even found a beach bag that was long forgotten. My desire is to get a red bikini with a nice cover up so that I can enjoy the element of water.