It was yet another normal morning when I woke up with a cold back. It was only a matter of hours before my throat was sore. The next thing I knew my body was in an all out war with itself. It was plagued with aches, chills, fever, and just general misery. The last day of work was not graced by my presence. I attended my brother’s wedding and had to warn people not to hug me. The chicken looked good but I could not eat it. The fever finally broke on Saturday but the cough lingered for days. Its force cautioned me not to eat food lest I see it again after the fact. Coughing fits interrupted the night as well as the day. Fatigue kept me bed ridden. Gasping for air was common. It was in that ocean of despair that I reached out to my primacy care physician; I required medical attention.
Upon entering his new office, the lovely pale green simply captured my attention. All of the people were so friendly. Someone came to greet me and shook my hand. I began to wonder if I was in the right place. Perhaps my doctor was replaced by his uncle. What exactly was happening here. When I was finally led to the room, there he was waiting for me. I WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE HIM! He took one blink at me and said Bronchitis. He then rambled off some words to his nurse practitioner and hauled. She completed the exam and he returned to check on everything.
The meds are working. The coughing fits are better and are no longer attempting to take me out. My diet has changed from watermelon to Jamaican soups. Meds are scheduled throughout the day. My mother and the Jamaican Posse are circling with requests for me to stay down south with them so that they may cook for me and make a general fuss over my existence. Life is pretty good.

The Day My Mother Fainted

My bed was consuming me for a while as the time crept closer towards my performing in West Palm Beach. When the phone rang, I saw that it was my brother. He informed me that our mother had been rushed to Baptist Hospital. I knew that I was going to have to go there whether or not I could still make the wedding. In a complete teary flurry, I dressed and loaded for the performance. As I breathed, I took control of the task at hand. Baptist was at least 30 minutes south of me and it was now my job to get there in one piece. As my Element took the 826, my friends began to pray.
My brother was there in her room. He stood so very tall in his six feet with his large gray shirt. He was in Weston on his way to work when he had to turn around for Kendall. Our father was asleep with sciatic pain. As the doctor spoke to my mother, I took the opportunity to paint my face. I greeted my concerned father. When my mother saw me, she voiced her happiness over my appearance. She felt very lucky to have her entire family around her. The little room was cramped with love. Friends and live prayer soon streamed in to round us out.
The traffic from Baptist Hospital to West Palm Beach was fair. I arrived in no time and was able to complete the entire performance with little distraction. My mind was more at ease after seeing my mother. Apparently, she passed out in front of her home and her friend dialed 911. Because the attending doctor does not know the cause of the problem, he has asked her to stay in observation over night as a precaution.
After the wedding, I went home to refresh myself and have a meal. I figured that there was no sense in me spreading myself thin with worry. It would only upset my mother and possibly compromise my already troubled system. As I greeted my mother for the second time today, she was overcome with surprise. She did not expect to see me after my performance. I stayed with her as long as I could before escaping the hospital grounds in search of slumber.
Somehow I managed to end up in the prayer garden. There was a fountain in front of lovely benches. The chapel windows had stain glass windows that shined in the light. The hour was late and yet I still found myself stealing some moments on the benches in front of the fountain. I imagined angels surrounding me there with encouragement and light.
My Sunday was scheduled to be a busy one. It has been cleared of all responsibilities. It is important for me to take some time to understand this moment for everything that is has brought to me. People of various faiths prayed for me and my mother today. My family came together to uplift our mother. Friends from near and far came to stand beside their beloved sister. There is power in love and unity. I want to take the time to understand all of these things.