Jan 1

Detox Cry for Help

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*OFFICIAL TMI WARNING….. Between the holiday brunch and the massive shrimp dinner at the holiday dinner buffet……my body took an over abundant hit of food. While turning into a social butterfly, I also turned into a foodie. The holidays will do that to you. Food and wine simply appear and […]

Nov 27


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As I lay on the wooden floor, the colored lights bounced all around the darkness. I could hear my fitness instructor tapping her 6inch stiletto awaiting movement from my body. My mind was realizing what an increadible healing it was experiencing. The sweat that had formed a puddle was the […]

Sep 11


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It began with a cup of coffee. Then two slices of chocolate lava cake slipped in. A supreme pizza appeared. The next thing I knew, it was time to taste wine; white and red. The coffee was a sign. I had given up coffee as a regular thing years ago […]