Detox Cry for Help

Between the holiday brunch and the massive shrimp dinner at the holiday dinner buffet……my body took an over abundant hit of food. While turning into a social butterfly, I also turned into a foodie. The holidays will do that to you. Food and wine simply appear and you do not have to make much of an effort. It simply appears in front of you and ends up in your hands. As I awoke the next morning, I was placed in the impossible position of being bloated and hungry at the same time. It is something that I would not wish on an enemy.
My body was filled to capacity, and nothing was moving much to my dismay. Something drastic had to be done. I found my senna in the cabinet and quickly boiled some tea. It is funny how we often have the answer to our problems within reach but have yet to put two and two together. At the stroke of midnight, the toilet became my friend. For approximately thirty minutes, the toilet captured the waste as my eyes drenched my face with tears. It is not uncommon to cry while on the toilet; however, it is becoming more and more frequent for me. This particular episode was such a release for me. Everything was going inside of my body but nothing was coming out. It was awful. Bilious even presented itself but it was no match for the peppermint oil that I quickly consumed. Three o’ clock found me back on the toilet which then contributed to my insomnia. Needless to say, a proper detox is in order and will be started shortly.


As I lay on the wooden floor, the colored lights bounced all around the darkness. I could hear my fitness instructor tapping her 6inch stiletto awaiting movement from my body. My mind was realizing what an increadible healing it was experiencing. The sweat that had formed a puddle was the effect of a detoxification process; this was the greatest release ever. My energy levels had instantly sky rocketed and perhaps my sleeping pattern shall readjust itself this evening in spite of the full moon being so near.

I decided to treat myself to dinner at Whole Foods. I wanted to take a break from cooking for the last month and longed to consume an organic meal. The lobster bisque and salmon were delicios. As I sipped on sparkling water, I decided that I would have tea with senna as I enjoyed a nice long hot bath. This would allow me to feel the sensation of my own skin as the warm water soothed it. My heart is light and my mind is free. I am so very happy:)


It began with a cup of coffee. Then two slices of chocolate lava cake slipped in. A supreme pizza appeared. The next thing I knew, it was time to taste wine; white and red. The coffee was a sign. I had given up coffee as a regular thing years ago and became a tea person. I would have a shot of it in my hot cocoa every now and again. However, when I found myself purchasing an entire bag to make it myself, I knew that something was going on. My body is talking to me, and I have to listen.

In my quest to eat healthier and cook more, it became quite hard to avoid preservatives, starch, and add more veggies. Yes, I know that its for my health but my goodness. It became quite daunting. The explosion of going to the extreme of bad stuff simply reminded me that I would have to go to the other side: eat the rainbow of veggies for a little while to balance the scales.
Here I am, drinking water and enjoying soup. I want to be on liquids for a while and perhaps experiment with shakes.

What is affecting me you may ask? If you have read my piece on career transitioning, you know that perhaps there is something out there just waiting for me to find it. Until then, my diet has gotten away from me. There is a plan in place to slowly reel it back in. My workout regimen is back to its normal 3-4days a week schedule, and the water intake has increased. I shall begin Omegas soon, and continue with my supplements including probiotics. Why, I may even go to bed thirty minutes earlier each day.

My taste for food has also changed. Instead of entire meals, I want soups and teas. Perhaps I am in need of a detox of just lighter food. It is to my benefit that I am able to heed the signs that my body is giving me and listen to it. I will no doubt wake up one day and request a full course meal. Until then, perhaps I shall nibble on some celery sticks and drink mint tea. Feel free to join me for a cup:)