I had the most amazing afternoon. It began with lunch with my family in Coconut Grove. All of us looked quite fashionable and the service was very nice. I texted a friend mid meal to inform her that we would be dining there soon. South Beach soon found me combing through a clearance sale again and enjoying a nice chat with the store owner. While returning home, my thirst got the best of me, and I decided to drive a little further to treat myself to a Starbucks cool lime refresher. Its hot outside.
A very nice young man waited on me at the order box. Upon arriving at the window, my eyes locked on the sight of his Hematite & Tiger’s Eye bracelet. This combination was a first for me, and it was on a guy. My steady silent gaze startled him, and he jumped back. He asked if there was a problem which finally prompted me to speak. I told him that I liked his bracelet and asked if it could be touched. He told me how his mother gave it to him for protection. This resonated with me a great deal. My outfit is comprised of several protection amulets today. Why the very friend that received the social text from me mid meal also received the text about the outfit for the meal. My concern was that I wanted to look just right for the lunch with my family; however, I wanted to dress like the voodou woman from The Princess and the Frog. (she described me as that character in one of my pictures so the thought has a special meaning for me.) My presence today was that of a hippie….yes, the shoes fit and I wear them….often…….
While this fabulous young man with the gems prepared my refresher, my inner voice wanted me to hand him my business card. One even appeared in my hands; however, my logical mind got the best of me and soon the car was driving off. HARK! WHAT WAS THAT? The young man was calling me to return to the window to get my caramel frapp…..”I did not order that”. However, there was also a charge on my receipt. He had to refund my money which was going to take a second. Doesn’t it strike you as strange that suddenly I had to spend more time with him when there is something that I did not do?
He has my card now. He thanked me profusely for it. He does not know that he is the cherry in my sundae today, and it is only 7pm.
Follow your first mind. Do not hold back. Your inner voice is your guidance. It is not your imagination. It is your friend. Women in particular are very prone to be in tune with that intuition; however, society teaches us that we are simply wacky or nuts. Well, here I am. That wacky nutty individual that is now able to help people because I chose to embrace what is my nature. People seek my advice on spiritual matters and express their sincere gratitude for my assistance. It makes me feel effective and simply amazing.


After a rather eventful Saturday evening, Sunday morning found me rather sleepy. I did not have a desire to venture out into the world yet again. There was a gathering that I wanted to attend but was not sure if I would go. Staying home in the comfort of my own bed combined with the safety of my zone was quite appealing. At the last minute, I decided that there would be nothing ventured by staying in. I dressed in various shades of red with my gorgeous rose quartz necklace and left.

I did not know anyone. No one knew me. The home was covered with crystals for sale. All of them were beautiful. I felt so comfortable in this new space. There was no need to rush without looking at everything at least a million times. I received knowledge and outstanding food. The opportunity to network and connect with other women also presented itself, and I enjoyed the conversations. If I had stayed home, I would have missed all of this. As the weekend closes, I have a new crystal to work with and a new resource to call upon.

Sunday night has fallen and the cars outside have slowed. KCI and JoJo are singing Lately on the radio, and my mind is following the piano in the background. As I prepare for meditation, the sharing of feelings and warm sentiments that have come across during this weekend have been simply wonderful. It is a true gift to be in a position where my sisters feel comfortable reaching out to me to share their observances as me because of a connection. I revel in the love of my sisters and hearing their stories warms my heart. I want to soar high above the earth and feel the radiance of the sun as the wind propels me into greater horizons. I wonder what my week shall bring….

Tired Tuesday

My morning began on a fine note. I received an email of appreciation at work. It was such a pleasant surprise that I began crying. The person wanted me to know that I was making a difference in a life and that it mattered to her. I had no idea. It gave me inspiration to strive for excellence throughout my busy day.

As I left one work location, I reported to my performance venue. The studio where I workout happened to be on the way to the venue but alas, I could only look at it with great longing. Unfortunately, no one knew that I was coming which made for pleasant faces that displayed happy confusion. Once I was shown to the correct building, I performed for two hours with a ten minute stretch break. By the time I arrived home, my body was finished. Bedtime was 8pm last night. Unfortunately, I awoke hours before dawn and was unable to return to sleep. The imperfections, exhaustion, and pain within my body had taken its toll. I decided to take a hot bath with some of my favorite crystals.

It was a lovely experience. My mind went to places of relaxation as the incense vanished into the air and the aroma filled the room. The candle flickered back and forth. My mind wandered to the preparations for the circle and upcoming worshop. A smile crossed my face as I thought of my passion. I also decided that my childrens’ meditation group was going to have an intense session this morning.

My breakfast is being prepared as I type this. My attire shall be casual as I do not expect a hectic day. This is good because I need the downtime considering my tiredness. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I look forward to the time off. I rejoice in knowing that I get to spend time with my sisters on Friday. Oh the fun we shall have.

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Simbiya: Raks Chakra/Inner Vision Photography/Goddress Collection


“Women should honor the energetic circle around them by wearing a dress or a skirt. Let’s bring the feminine healing power back to this planet..”~Mother Nature

The sacred circle was broken long ago through the overuse of pants and the heightened insistence of masculinity thus causing societal imbalances. Because of her background in photography and Raks Chakra, Simbiya felt the need to inspire femininity in women while retaining a sense of comfort and elegance. Ultimately, her artistic healing vision promotes women in their natural divine form.
The Goddress Collection is inspired by Simbiya’s personal belief that every woman is a goddess. The collections embody the energy of the divine feminine that women carry within themselves. The clothes are inspired by goddesses from around the world to bring out the best in what each individual woman has to share with the universe.
The dresses can be customized to suit your personal needs or choose one from one of the divine collections. The fabrics are chosen with an artistic eye with an insistence on comfort and unique style. Certain goddresses feature healing crystals for specific purposes. Each piece receives Reiki from Simbiya so that the gentle energy still resonates while the goddess wears it. Goddesses around the world are glowing in them each day as the popularity for this creation is rapidly growing. New goddresses are created daily in order to meet the needs of the worldwide clientele and to inspire universal healing. Order your Goddress today and connect with your goddess.

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Beatriz “Simbiya” Ricco has spent over a decade in the field of photography. She was born in Brazil and has lived all around the world. As a shy teenager, she found a voice in photography because it did not demand words. This international language allowed her to travel and then share the world with others. Her talent & sensitivity were recognized, and she decided to pursue formal training. She graduated from the Institute of Fort Lauderdale, FL, where she spent many years working and honing her craft.
Her captivating images have received countless awards, and her work has been featured in exhibitions all around the world. Her pictures convey a wordless poem that goes beyond the aesthetic and captures the communication of the soul. She specializes in portraits, nature, events, fashion, and travel documentaries.
Simbiya always meets the needs that are not spoken aloud which led to the creation of Inner Soul Photography. It manifested into an artistic conversation of universal truths. These focused photo sessions blend her artistic sensitivity with her awareness of mystical & esoteric arts using digital photo technology. It is her intent to execute a psychic reading of sorts through the emotions that she is able to capture. Such content is normally beyond the scope of the naked eye. The finished product is unique to reflect the chosen subject matter and often provides the client with more information than what was previously known.

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Beatrice is known for her ability to capture more than a picture while creating something innovative and memorable. If you are in need of her unique talents, please feel free to contact her. Your special requests are handled with the highest level of care and creative attention.

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