My push to be social and actually interact with other people has been going quite well this season. For some reason, my busy month has not been busy. However, there have been tons of events where I have been invited as a guest. Yesterday alone found me at two of them. The morning was an annual ladies’ brunch. Each woman is responsible for bringing a dish to a designated home and everyone sits and talks and eats delicious food. My contribution is the entertainment. Why? Gatherings that have entertainment are memorable and have ambiance. Since she has been gracing my family functions with her talent, I called upon a favorite poetess of mine. Red Writing Hood has the unique ability of combining class with hard core reality. When she makes her entrance, no announcement is necessary. Everyone knows that she has arrived.
As she warmed up the audience to her presentation, the guests settled into their seats preparing for the show. There were rounds of applause and several amens. Her words brought the women together, and they embraced her as their own. I had the chance to actually sit down and enjoy conversation with her over a delicious plate. Do you know what it is for two busy people to sit down and just talk in the month of December? The wonderful exchange was completed with group pictures and lots of merriment.
After the brunch, I found myself headed home to rest before my second party of of the day. Work was having a holiday party. No, my shadow has never darkened such a doorway until now. A glass of wine and shrimp made for a surprisingly smashing time. The conversation was light, and the highly anticipated awkwardness simply was not there. Who knew. Two more invitations have arrived for me to attend impromptu celebrations. If my schedule allows, I think that I am going.

Seventy Five Cents

She reached out to him to attend a cultural function in support of the cast. This mysterious gesture came after a long period of him stringing her along after many protests from family and friends. He happily agreed to attend; however, he refused to drive the long distance. She would have to travel south to the MetroRail to pick him up so that everything could be at his convenience. In exchange for this kind gesture, he offered to take her to dinner. They ended up at a cafe for coffee and truffles.
The bill came after wonderful conversation and a nice leisurely dessert. He reached for the receipt which boasted a grand total of: $2.00. He strained for his wallet and quickly suggested that she take care of the tip which was $.75. After this infuriating exchange, she then drove south again to drop him off at the train station so that he could avoid driving such a distance to spend time with her.
A woman has to have enough self-respect not to allow herself to be treated in such a manner. Before you settle for something less than happiness, being alone is a valid option which is scary for many . This is due to the fact that they are unable to enjoy the richness of their own company. There is a lack of self discovery that has yet to manifest which is then placed on another party. If you are unable to make yourself happy, the responsibility should not be given to someone else with the expectation of being saved. You have to do your homework if you plan to pass the class.


Change is a personal choice because it involves effort. Effort is something that not every individual on the planet has the desire or integrity to execute. It is easier to speak about an issue without the person’s knowledge instead of confronting the person. Instead of dieting an exercising, many opt to spend tons of money on plastic surgery only to be disappointed when the weight returns. A band aid is too small to cover a wound; it requires a team of surgeons.
Change is not something that you can hope for or expect. You must take part in it. How? It begins with something small. Perhaps you are unhappy with the way that you carry yourself. You lack confidence or that extra spring in your walk. You know about these things but have yet to do anything about them. What is stopping you? Perhaps it is fear.
Fear is a crippling disease that begins in our own minds and can rob us of our hopes and dreams. Obstacles may appear larger than what they truly are when in truth, help could be just around the corner. I have found that I am surrounded by people that know a lot about other avenues that can often assist me. It only takes asking the right person the right question. It takes starting a conversation with that nice gentleman inside the botanica. When you want to help yourself, people want to help you.

The Snake

The snake is an important symbol for women. It is often used to represent the awakening of the Kundalini or a beginning. However, I am using this title in its more popular sentiment; one who is devious and intends harm upon you. That is the way that I felt.

It was still early in my career. One Sunday, I had accompanied a friend to church where a guest speaker was delivering the message; he was not a pastor. It was a good message. I did not think much of him beyond his raspy voice. However, when he called me on the phone to ask me out on a date, a game changer presented itself. I was single without a gentleman caller in sight. It could not hurt to meet him for a bowl of fruit which is what I ordered at Denny’s.

He was much older than I was. His grown children were about my age and had grown rather accustomed to their father’s preference in women. As the conversation began, it was mild enough. As it slowly progressed, it became apparent to me that he was choosing the type of condom that he wanted to use. He abruptly announced that the point of us meeting was to begin a relationship of trust and love. It would be between the two of us without our mutual friends interfering. Strike one. When I found myself in his cold embrace, I immediately blurted out that I was leaving. Not once did I indicate that I wanted his evil flesh on my person because I was cold. The only reason why I did not vacate the restaurant was that he caused a scene. What if he followed me to my car in the parking lot? When I was able to detangle myself from his claws, I called my friend and told her that I never wanted to see this epic failure again in my life.

Phone calls continued to flood my cell for a few more days until he received the message that I was not interested in his existence. I am under the impression that he expected me to fall for him instantly because he was older and had money. My poor young brain would surely tell my legs to part for him. He kept pressuring me during our unpleasant dinner to go elsewhere with him so that we could talk. After explaining to him that this scenario was not possible because it was already late, he retorted that he was getting up at 4am and would not ask me again. This may have been strike two for me.

It was not long after this outing that I was informed that he used to be a pastor but lost the title. He also had a hovering fiance of sorts. Why wasn’t any of this brought up during the dinner? After he quietly left town, he was never heard from again.


A woman has many layers that compose her. She is multi-faceted and as diverse as the drops of water that make up the ocean. The women that are able to draw upon their strengths, understand their flaws and always work on themselves in an effort to hear their own vibration in the universe.

What if you are reading that paragraph and wondering how it applies to you? Is that because you do not know what your strengths are? Maybe you are unaware of your flaws as well OR you are too familiar with them. Let us draw a road map together.

When your friends call you for advice, what are they calling about? Is it cooking? Maybe baking. Is there something that you enjoy and pursue just for the fun of it? That is your passion and you should use it to your advantage. Learn everything that you can about it and stay current. Do not forget to apply your knowledge whenever possible so that you can stay sharp.

There are certain topic or areas that make you feel uneasy because you simply do not like them.
My nemesis is math. I do not believe that numbers are my friend. How do I cope as an adult?
I know people that are good with math. They are the ones whom I address with such questions in order to improve my comprehension. You would be surprised to know how many people are eager to explain things to you.

I have recently discovered the need to streamline my work. It came to my attention that my harp music can be combined with my womens’ work especially with angels. They compliment each other. This instrument resonates well with their realm. I have begun to include it in healings and meditations much to the delight of my clients. I have even performed in workshops as the music source while women shimmied and undulated to balance their chakras. The meeting of both passions can make for a unified healing effort that can help women improve themselves while connecting parts of me.

Now, what about the minor parts of you that may need some attention? Maybe you have a pesky ring of fat that simply will not leave your midsection in spite of the fact that you are working out and drinking water. Your diet is also at a peak. Do not put that ring on the back burner. Bring it to the forefront! Speak with a nutritionist to see if your diet is the one that you should have for your body requirements. You may need a different workout schedule or form of exercise that will melt that ring while including the rest of the body. You may be a spinner and a treadmill person but have you gone into the step aerobics class? You may swim and walk around the block but have you gone on the reformer? There are true fitness professionals out there. They love discussing such things. Engage them in conversation.

If you wake up one day and realize that your circle of friends has vanished, well then you have some work to do. Where do women connect with each other? EVERYWHERE! Facebook is a popular meeting ground. Attend a class that you have an interest in. Many women also become friends because of their worship practices. You can also attend a Circle of Sisterhood.

There are so many wonderful things about a woman that can enhance the world. During the spring, I was having a conversation with someone and she was explaining something to me. When she was finished, I burst into a heartfelt I love you. She responded with sheer joy. Needless to say, we are now friends. Kindred spirits tend to find each other very easily. These are the little moments of genuine feelings that become cherished memories.