The Need

It was a Friday. After spending large amounts of time inside the house, I was dying to escape and rejoin the world outside. However, I find myself in my typical situation: I am single, most of my friends are in relationships….who is available? It has been an effort of mine not to spend so much time alone as it is very easy for me to do. A friend and I decided to rendezvous at a local museum. Pictures and laughter were followed by a late lunch. Text messages and phone calls reminded us that other people wanted to escape the house as well. We ended up on the beach looking at the full moon. Many thoughts entered my mind.
If I wanted to get out of the house, and my friend wanted to get out of the house, and both of us received other notifications from others that wanted to get out, what is going on where we are so disconnected? Has FB lost its allure? Did the new season on NETFLIX wear thin? Are we finally seeking meaningful conversations and actual connections with other human beings that sustain beyond a five minute textversation? When did we get to the point that our lives were so busy that a basic human connection got lost in the mix?
A few months ago, I made it a point of calling people instead of texting them. Friends immediately answered the phone and the reactions ran the gamut: What happened? What a pleasant surprise. Is this something that I need to do again? These reactions happened because I used to be a talking person and then fell into the habit of texting everything. Why? It is easier to do, and you do not have to interrupt anything; you do not actually have to speak to anyone and can continue liking posts on FB. While I do snail mail actual cards, and write letters in pen, perhaps there are other ways that people would love to remember that we do need each other.

The Pictures

As I looked at my father’s picture, the frame seemed small and unfit for such a great man. It was then that I decided to enlarge the picture and get a proper frame so that I could look at my father with an appropriate view. While making the necessary arrangements at Walgreens, it occurred to me that my mother would appreciate a larger print of the same picture. I adjusted the order while picking out frames. The photographer soon informed me that he printed three picture by mistake and would only charge me for two; the third one would be on him. A smile crossed my face because that was not a mistake. My father wanted me to give the third picture to my brother whom is still quite shaken by his departure although he does not say it aloud.
When I entered my door, I eagerly placed the new picture in its new frame on the appropriate altar. Daddy now sat next to his father in a lovely frame. The interesting part of this is that a few years ago, my mother enlisted my help with a little project that she wanted to work on for my father. She said that he spoke about his father every single day and the man had been dead for well over twenty years. It was a testament to the connection that Daddy always recognized. She said that he had a small picture of his father. She wanted to have it enlarged but was not sure how to go about doing it. I asked her to give me the picture so that I could take care of it for her. I had two copies of the picture enlarged. One was returned to my mother for my father to enjoy. The other went on my altar. My grandfather was in heaven long before I came into existence; however, I have known him my entire life. Both of them now pursue new things in the land of the ancestors as their pictures lay before me.


Human bonding involves risk. It is not for the faint at heart. You have to lay your soul bare if you are to experience the highest levels of true love, compassion, and ultimate fulfillment. For those that choose to push themselves to the extent of such experiences, the consequences include rejection, isolation, and increased fear. They are the true daredevils in life. They are willing to risk it all for the one thing that technology will never replace: true connections.

On this new moon in Cancer, look at the most important connection. Look into yourself. Reach out to the fragments that do not please you and understand those aspects that do not get a lot of attention. Why is that? Balance the overexposed parts with those that never see the light of day. Give yourself permission to make necessary adjustments in your life. You may require time in solitude or a night out with friends, maybe a combination of both. Understand how you have gotten away from yourself and learn how to get you back. As a community of connected women grows, society as a whole will flourish, and the universe shall be at peace.


We are all a part of different types of circles: work, friends, family, etc. This summer found my mind wandering to a circle of sisterhood hence the blog. However, I knew that a live extension of that had to occur. I wanted to have something that would be a throwback to ancient times when women were sisters and honored each other as well as themselves. I knew that I want to form a circle for women to come together.

Here I am hours before I head to the beach hoping that it will be a nice experience for all of the women involved. The plan has been set, and text messages have been received. I am looking forward to forming sisterly connections during this full moon in Aquarius.

I am so happy that this has finally manifested into reality. It was such a joy to share and connect with other women under the full moon on the beach. What a special time for us. Our journey is not always easy but together, we can learn from each other and conquer our greatest fears.

Connections Happen

Friday, July 9, 2010 at 10:18pm ·

There I was again. Alone in a quiet solace. My stage was gone, and my life had encircled me yet again. Darkness set in, and my thoughts beat loudly in my head. The beat pressed for more until a picture painted itself in front of me. My heart longed for you…hold me in your arms and allow the light of your heart to radiate my entire being was said barely above a whisper. As my eyes fell to the floor, my heart fixated on its obsession, its reason for beating. The love erupted from me and I began to strum. Pluck their sadness into the universe until it vanishes. You have the power, you have the art…turn the vision into a reality. Be the dream sweet goddess. Be the dream…heal the world. Spread the light. Connect with the universe.


The conversation wasn’t under the best circumstances, but my sentiment of love had been sent.  There was nothing else for me to do but continue with my daily wonderings.  Two days later, I was involved in an accident that could have subtracted me from this equation.  By the grace of God, I am still here.   I can happily say that someone knows that I have good feelings towards them.  It is to my great pleasure that I did so given my current situation.

Yes, there are many lessons for me to learn from the accident. However, the point that I want to focus upon is time, and its value to you.  A life is a precious gift which the most conscious of people take for granted from time to time.  We are human after all.  The thing that is important to remember is why are you living?

Do you go from your job to your home without stopping to sing a song?  Did you peck your husband on the cheek or grab him at the door and really shared that Tic Tac with him?  You were tied up in the grocery store and told your friend that you would call her back.  Did you?  Your mother invited you to family dinner but you were too tired to drive down there.  Did you at least make it for dessert?

As we get caught up in the business of our lives, it is important to remember to actually live.  When you wake up, spend a minute or two reflecting on yourself or something that you want to focus on that day.  As you eat, taste the food instead of inhaling it.  Do you really like scrambled eggs or would you prefer waffles with honey?  You go to work every single day plus overtime.  You deserve to schedule a vacation and not to think about anything but that beautiful beach.

If something or someone is important to you, always take the opportunity to either voice that or share it in some way shape or form.  Schedule that tea that you have been meaning to do but just can’t find the right time.  The right time is now.  Say hello to that person that you have thought of but just can’t seem to fit into that giant schedule app on your IPHONE.  Maybe you can see that movie with your mother instead of at home.

While you are making such strides, remember yourself.  You are an important asset to others as well as to yourself.  If you do not put your foot down and value yourself as a treasure, others will also have a difficult time doing so.  If you need to dance with you shadow in toe socks, go for it.

Paint your toenails that wild wacky color because you saw it on Youtube and that it was zany.  Take yourself on a date to the garden in your backyard even if it doesn’t exist yet.  You are giving yourself the freedom to enjoy your life.

Things happen and people move away for whatever reason.  All of us get extremely busy.  Sometimes, all we have left are thoughts of bonds that have been shared in the past.  Take the time to cultivate what you have or want to have.  It could be a relationship (platonic/self/romantic) or a dream.  Spend your time working towards such things.  In the end, I plan to be the grandmother with the long silver locks playing that organ.  It would be nice to hear the colorful stories that others have to share after the serenade.  In order for that to happen, we have to live now; do not wait for tomorrow because it is not written in stone.  You have this moment.  You have this breath.  Put it to good use and watch the fruits of your labor manifest into something wonderful.



1.) Reach out to your friends and have a monthly get together: potluck, movie, walk in the park etc. Talk, laugh, be silly.  Find that inner girl.

2.) Turn off the IPHONE and understand that Facebook will be there when you get back.

3.) If something important is happening in your life, call the people that are important to you and share it with them.  They will soon realize why they have been informed.

4.) If you are in a romantic relationship, have that special time together.  Treasure your bond.

5.) Tell your friends that you love them every chance that you get.  It does go a long way.

6.) Call your mother.  Spend time with your grandmother.  These are the wise women that support us; our first teachers, and the ones that worry about us the most.

**A connection with another person is to be celebrated at the highest level.

We need each other.  No man is an island and women need to be in the circle.