Aug 23

Sunday Blues

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My day began at noon. I ventured out into the world to buy herbs at the local farmer’s market. Publix soon saw me purchasing meat and pasta. Once I returned home, leftovers were warmed for lunch. That is when I felt the crown that cost me approximately $200.00 pop out […]

Mar 25

My Coffee Moment

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Every woman should have lunch with a rather handsome man at least once in her life. He should be the type of handsome that causes disruptions in public. It does not matter if he is a love interest or a shopping buddy. He should have a smile that overshadows the […]

Sep 2

Funeral Beverage

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As I finished my meal of Belgian Waffles, the waitress sat across from me and told an interesting story. She attended a funeral a few weeks ago with her husband. She found it rather odd that everyone in the room held cups of Starbucks coffee. She inquired as to where […]