Jun 15

The Final Curtain Call

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Thursday, June 5, 2014 There I was wrestling with the idea of spending the evening at my parents’ home. My mother was alone in the house while my father was in the nursing home. She was spending all of her waking hours attending to him. I had the idea of […]

Dec 9

Abundance: The Funny Thing

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It had been a long marathon performance week. Harp season had officially arrived and I was in full swing. Long evenings turned into long nights filled with music and confirmation emails. Sleep, eat, and harp; the only things on my agenda. New connections gave hope to more work in the […]

Oct 21

A Moment in Church

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I was not far from my destination. As my eyes looked to the left, the church stood silent in its historic glory. From the day that I entered this particular church in Downtown Miami, I have thought of nothing but returning. There wasn’t a rush for me to be anywhere. […]