Energy Change

There she stood. Grouchy as a toad. It was first thing in the morning, and the smile simply was not there. Her day was surely destined to crash and burn. I have seen her job and this stance was completely understandable. She is always being interrupted while facing daily deadlines while dealing with unruly adults. I stopped heading for the front door and decided to go back around and give her a hug. She is a friend after all, and is simply a positive person in a funk…before 9am.
“Let’s take a picture together…” came from my mouth as I reached for my cell. The next thing I knew, three other women tried to jump in the picture. We had to try all sorts of angles to get the wide smiles into the frame. When we finally achieved our goal, everyone walked away laughing. It was not until later that day that I realized….a simple gesture on my part had changed the energy of the room.


Change is a personal choice because it involves effort. Effort is something that not every individual on the planet has the desire or integrity to execute. It is easier to speak about an issue without the person’s knowledge instead of confronting the person. Instead of dieting an exercising, many opt to spend tons of money on plastic surgery only to be disappointed when the weight returns. A band aid is too small to cover a wound; it requires a team of surgeons.
Change is not something that you can hope for or expect. You must take part in it. How? It begins with something small. Perhaps you are unhappy with the way that you carry yourself. You lack confidence or that extra spring in your walk. You know about these things but have yet to do anything about them. What is stopping you? Perhaps it is fear.
Fear is a crippling disease that begins in our own minds and can rob us of our hopes and dreams. Obstacles may appear larger than what they truly are when in truth, help could be just around the corner. I have found that I am surrounded by people that know a lot about other avenues that can often assist me. It only takes asking the right person the right question. It takes starting a conversation with that nice gentleman inside the botanica. When you want to help yourself, people want to help you.

Feelings Change

Feelings change. A hot crush can become a mild recognition. A great love can become a nice friendship. Your taste for chocolate cake may turn to vanilla. We are constantly changing within our cycles and thus evolve. This is a natural process. It is important to understand your feelings and honor them. Give yourself room to retreat or flourish depending on your needs.


Change is always to be expected. This is the natural flow of life. Sometimes, change can be a wonderful transition that goes well. At other times, change may bring about quick things that upset a flow before one has a minute to prepare. I found myself in the latter situation just yesterday. It caused such an uproar that I fled the scene before I said something that I would later regret.

I found myself seeking the sanctuary of a quiet spot in nature away from the scene of terror. It was there that I sat for a long period without any regard for the clock. Sometimes, a Lady needs a minute. Well, this was a long minute. Various thoughts ran through my head as it continued to dawn on me that my reality was changing and indeed I was being pushed towards something that was more suitable for the woman that I now recognize myself to be. Tears of frustration and anger flew from my eyes as I wrapped my mind around the realization that this was not going to be an easy transition. However, if it is going to truly mean anything to me, why would it be easy?

My internal voice called to the angels to help me. It was not my intent to consume something unhealthy for my body as I had been cooking healthy meals all week. Shopping for fun was also not a good idea. In the process of desiring a more positive outlook in the middle of a storm, I found myself wanting to spend time with a certain ray of sunshine that hadn’t glowed around me for a little while. Alas, my tears dried, and my prayers brought me some relief. It was later that day that I received a phone call from that ray of sunshine requesting my presence. I voiced what I needed, and it was given to me. Fortune is truly mine. This is how I combat thoughts that do not serve me. I ask for help to have them taken from me.

Aside from that day, my time has been spent working on what I want to do regarding my womens’ mission. A lot of progress has been made in that a mission statement was clarified to the point that I was able to post it for public viewing. As I finalize workshops for the remainder of the year, I have already begun to speculate about the goals for next year, and how I plan to grow with my work. My team now includes a vegan pagan that provides us with tips on healthy eating as she eats based on her intuition and the needs of her body; this concept is important to me and should be shared. All of these happenigns have been combined with Fall crafts and readings so that I can continue to be artistic while providing people with that extra insight and support that the angels give to everyone. I have begun working with another archangel which has clarified my purpose and fueled my enthusiasm.

As I survey my weekend, I look forward to the workshops that will be happening: Business Reflections by Lacey Hudson and Raks Chakra(Simbiya) with the Lady of Harp. Why, I was even asked to do a mini-circle at the end of the business workshop; this brings me great joy as I shall present a meditation that I developed for the heart. Work that is done for the benefit of others is quite rewarding as the investment is worth more than green paper. Both women are masters within their fields and bring a wealth of knowledge to all that welcome it. The learning process is always in motion and can truly help a woman in creating new realities for herself. The hour is late. I wish to paint my toenails, stretech, and commune with the angels before a proper slumber.

(P.S. For more information on the current workshops or celestial readings, please email me: [email protected])

Dear Issac

As I sit in front of my computer on a Saturday night, my mind reflects on the transition back to work and how eventful the week was. I have not had a lot of time for myself and have enjoyed my chance to finally exist without the insane madness. The impending weather seems to have affected much of the normal activity and people seem to be in a huff over a natural happening.

A hurricane is a nautral phenomena. It brings about change to the environment. I think of it as a destructive force that will cause the ultimate in recreation. The earth will be blessed with much needed rain for our crops to produce nourishing food for our bodies. Heavy winds will blow seeds to the four corners of the earth thus causing life in places where it did not exist before. The skies will be gray as a balance to the sun to which we are so accustomed. It will make us appreciate it the warmth that much more when it returns.

Many of us will be confined indoors without the normal excuse of work or appointments to separate us from bonding as families. I venture to say that many babies will be conceived over the next three days or so. New life in the universe is always an awesome event. This would be a wonderful time to attend to that extra hour of sleep that you have been needing or attempting that meditation that always escapes you. Because today was slower than my week, I was able to reach out to my wonderful sisters that perhaps needed to hear from me. I am grateful to have extended the hand of friendship because I received warmth in return.

As for the coming storm, I welcome the opportunity to slow down. It will be a time to just enjoy the myself and better understand the forces of nature. It reminds me of my vacation of slow living without the hectic pace of work interrupting my thoughts or attempts at healthy living. Now, I have already lost my probiotics and seem to be out of water. So it is with the trials and tribulations of trying to maintain balance in a world that runs rampant with negativity. I mentioned the forces of nature….

As I drove home last night from a rather productive meditation, the weather was horrible. The heavens opened and released water from damns that are unknown in this dimension. The electric show was also quite a production; it was worth money. I wasn’t threatened by all of this; however, that was prior to the sole lightning bolt that decided to strike the earth on the other side of the highway. No human should have to experience the proximity of such heat. The awesome power was a testiment to the fact that there is a superior officer in charge of us all. We are simply inhabitants of a place that we are borrowing. It was terrifying and beautiful all at once. I do not know if I would repeat the experience, but I welcome its lessons.

As I sit here typing away on a quiet Saturday night, I hope that people come together in a loving way this weekend. May of next year should have obstetricians running around like chickens without heads. Bond with each other. Share the warmth. Bask in the love. Nature is going to run her course whether or not we get all bent out of shape that it may rip off our roof. Be prepared to remain safe..but maybe, you could turn off the lights before the power goes out and enjoy that bottled water next to someone special.


Be the first to say I love you.  Be the first to be open about your feelings.  Be the one that reaches in the dark and feels the light.  Have the courage to stand on your own two feet and understand what it means to be you in your own skin.  You do not need the permission of anyone to follow your heart and profess your truths.

We know when something in our life is not right.  The issues run the gamut from health to finances.  It is often easier to sink or wallow instead of making that change that we know is a requirement.  Sometimes, even the people around us will coddle us out of their own fear of you being uplifted and leaving them behind.  We may even allow statements of fear to enter our minds because it easier to accept no matter how much the inner voice rejects it.

Change is not always easy.  As spiritual beings in a human life, we will face change daily on many levels.  It is inevitable to keep us in tune with the ebb and flow of life.

Possible Suggestions

Try to stay grounded.  Circumstances beyond our control may test this frequently, but there are ways to achieve this goal.

Create a Support Group

Family- The first support group, your unit of origin.

Friends- People that will tell you to your face that those jeans are too tight.  Include people that have similar goals as yours or who are where you would like to be.  Their example can provide you with inspiration.

Groups- Church, sorority, meet up, whatever works for you.

Health-  Physical exercise and healthy eating can go a long way in helping you to maintain a clear mind.  Clarity of thought blocks out harsh influences an amplifies your intuitive voice; that little sound in your head that guides you.


This is often difficult for many of us.  We do not want to seem heartless or without compassion.  The truth of the matter is that the word no is to protect both love and compassion.  If you do everything for everyone else, what is left for yourself to enjoy or to continue to help those that truly need it?

Women are quite guilty of giving too much of themselves and then have nothing left.  We are the natural receivers so this balance must be kept in check in order for us to function.  When we know how to say no for our own sanity, our throat chakras can remain unblocked and there is energy left to expend on us.  Try not to overburden yourself with responsibilities that do not serve your greater good or that lead you astray from your goals. You must love yourself first before you are able to love the world.

There are predators that will appear as overly needy “friends” that always need one more favor which will deter you from your workout.  Such people function at a low vibration and require the energy of others to feel better.  The problem is that instead of fixing the causes behind the low vibration, the predator feeds off other unknowing lights; you are left needing a nap or unable to function as normal.  Because you think that you are being a good person and helping her, you fail to realize that your own needs are being put to the side and you are simply assisting an energetic void; this is not helping either one of you.  Each individual is responsible for her own energy.  You can be nice without being a doormat.



I am going to use the body image for this one since there is so much material to support it.  Maybe you have a regular workout session that isn’t getting you where you want to be.  Have a discussion with you teacher (Pilates/Yoga/Zumba etc.) about your concerns.  Chances are very high that the teacher already knows what your problem areas are and will explode with suggestions.  If you are financially able, consider private sessions.  This gives the teacher the chance to address your concerns in a very focused manner and to provide you with a large amount of feedback.  The information can then be applied to your general sessions and help you improve.  The positive side affect is that you will own a new sense of power.

Courage can be different from yielding a sword and shield.  It can just be the manner in which you handle your life.  Once you understand what works for you, it will be easy not to compromise that for others.  It may mean that some people will not be a part of your equation anymore.  In this journey called life, your overall happiness is paramount which requires constant growth and attention.  ENJOY!