Oct 25

A Meeting at Oasis

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Life as an entrepreneur has its own unique sets of challenges.  I do not always know when I should be productive vs.  lounging around.  For the most part, normal working hours are enforced during the week with schedule changes based on performances, meetings, and consultations.  Social plans are not made [...]

Dec 27

Monday Moment

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Monday Moment You have to know why you are here. Your purpose has to be clear as day to you. Hints may be dropped. The universe may gently push you in the right direction. Doors will magically open and people will respond to you….when you stand in your gift. My […]

Jul 3

Slow Summer Day

2017-07-03T14:05:23+00:00July 3rd, 2017|Business|0 Comments

As a professional musician, the summer is my very slow season contrary to popular opinion. I have been spending my time getting my print media into the hands of potential clients. This morning found me stuffing envelopes with brochures & cards, and then mapping out my drive to different venues. […]

Dec 28


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The Sunday before Christmas, my body lay in bed as if it were laying in state. A horrible strand of the flu consumed my entire existence for approximately six days. Congestion still reigns supreme, and I am subject to horrible coughing attacks. However, it is nice to be functioning again […]