Exhaustion: Coming From the Brink

The better part of Friday saw me in bed. The wedding took a little longer than expected and there was the pick up of Icy Hot & Tylenol PM. Unfortunately, I only managed to put on half a patch and before falling asleep. Because the Tylenol PM never made it into my system, Saturday greeted me with pain and sheer exhaustion. I only left the house for Oxtails in gravy. However, the night had me determined to get back on my feet. Icy Hot patches were cut in two and placed on Sciatic pain spots. Two pills were eagerly swallowed as I envisioned myself in a deep slumber. Sleep cello music was set on the ITOUCH. When I woke up, I knew that I could rejoin the land of the living.
Things will be done differently this week. Volunteering in spite of my happiness is leaving. Extra appointments have been canceled. Down time and rest time will both be written in pen. Yoga has been reintroduced to my routine and more water will be added. My diet must also be reanalyzed because it is not helping matters. Stress and sugar do not mix.


The Sunday before Christmas, my body lay in bed as if it were laying in state. A horrible strand of the flu consumed my entire existence for approximately six days. Congestion still reigns supreme, and I am subject to horrible coughing attacks. However, it is nice to be functioning again instead of sweating and freezing in my bed at the same time. Showers took on a new refreshing meaning and food simply vanished from my mind. Unfortunately, because of this, my MRI had to be postponed. Again.
My poor mother felt as if I sounded completely miserable. She made her way from Perrine all the way to my house. When she appeared on my doorstep, she announced that she come to cook chicken soup. I do not like chicken soup but it tasted so very delicious. It was nice to see my mother in my home after five years. She walked around chopping this and commenting on that. She gave me a very nice throw which was immediately wrapped around my person for warmth and comfort. Her company in my humble abode was a pleasant surprise.
In the middle of all of this, the busy performance season carried on. From my sick bed, furious texting ensued as the webmaster, planners, and brides all made their way to my business line. Confirmations had to be made with musicians and checks had to be written. Because bed was my new full time hobby, my back started giving me trouble. A massage had to be scheduled. It was not relaxing though the discomfort is gone. As the fever released its grips, a mirror revealed to me the shell that had been left. The weight loss that my mother had mentioned was rather evident, and my face required professional attention. A quick trip to the local brow boutique reassured me that I could wear MAC again without concern.
As my body is now able to sit upright, my eyes see that the MRI is tomorrow. Hopefully, by then I can walk again without limping. A huge chair fell on my leg early this morning. A trip to the PCP has crossed my mind. I understand that Cranberry Juice and body oil will be delivered later today. It is just as well. The Orange Juice is running low, and I have yet to have breakfast. Hunger doesn’t really look for me anymore.
A thought arose from all of this. My body did all of that work and then got sick during the winter break. I still had to work in spite of it all. This called for some necessary changes in 2015. My passport is in the process of being renewed because Lady will travel next year. Instead of staying behind and working for Spring Break, I am grabbing some other friends and leaving the country. Someone else will have to be the Easter entertainment next year. I will be wearing a bikini and sipping on something of an adult nature in a foreign country.