There are journals from college that have references to the beach. There was a desire to spend more time there. Its funny that many of us complain about the traffic or time it takes to get there; including myself. However, there are people that travel from all over the world to enjoy its beauty. This summer has found me visiting the beach more often in spite of myself. Vacation time can make a girl quite lazy.
I went to the beach twice this week. One evening found me driving there to simply enjoy the mere sight of it all. The sensation of the wind against my skin was exhilarating. There were not a lot of people, and the heat was not present. It was relaxing and beautiful. The moon was at its halfway mark as the sun fell. While staring at a cloud, a plane flew into the middle of it. Lights started flashing. When it happened again with the sound of rolling thunder, I quickly found myself en route to my car. It was a moment in nature with amazing results.

A Cycle of Firsts

My desire to have a laptop has spanned a few years. As of last night, this desire has manifested itself into a Mac Air with a hot pink cover. After recruiting for the local chapter of the American Harp Society, I realized that I had to become more active myself. Upon planning to attend the harp party, a former harpist reached out to me and mentioned her longing to return. I now have a partner in crime that also wants to become more active in the harp world. I have looked into festivals and have included them in my travel plans. Remember, come Spring Break I will be sipping something alcoholic on a foreign beach with something accompanying me….my new laptop. I want to blog about the excitement at night from my hotel room. Why, I am blogging from my bed this evening thanks to this piece of expensive technology. CHEERS!

Drum Circle: A Return to My Roots

These days find me in place where I am not as introverted. Talking to people is very pleasant, and alone time isn’t craved as much as it was before. It is also my belief that long periods inside the house are troublesome for me. After an evening performance with an appreciative audience, my mother wasn’t responding to my calls. Alas, this left me no choice but to return to my home all by my lonesome.
Thoughts of the Oreo cookie cake filled my mind as my instrument was unloaded. Perhaps there would be a good movie on Netflix. The FB messenger indicated that a friend wanted me to go to the drum circle. It had been quite some time since I attended one. As a smile crossed my made up face, beach attire was put together and out the door I went.
I nestled into the sand and gazed at the beauty of the full moon overlooking all of us. The pull of her glory simply captivated me. My father crossed my mind as if he were sitting next to me admiring the moon too. It made me smile. He probably has a new perspective of everything on earth and the universe. My friend soon arrived and we made our way to the drums. It was there that we unleashed the shimmies and the shakes; there is something ancestral about a drum that just makes you want to be a part of the rhythm.

Naples: The Easter Weekend Vacation

When the opportunity to visit Naples appeared, I decided to take it. It is a nice place not terribly far from Miami, and there would be a chance for me to finally see the beach on this west side of the State. It was also a chance for me to rediscover the hidden world of the harp since my harp technician resides in this very town.
After settling in for a bit, I drove twenty minutes to his place. There were a million harps on display. We talked about my first lesson back in high school and marveled at my progress. I mentioned my decision to freelance full time for about a year, and it was met with enthusiasm and nice suggestions. As I departed, plans were made to return next month so that my other harps could also have a turn with some tender loving care.
As I walked into the guest house, the smell of grilled meat took over my nostrils. There was grilled chicken and hamburger. In an effort to have a balanced meal, I added some salad and dug into the animal feast. It was quite the delight followed by Gelato with chocolate syrup. The evening settled into night and met me with quite a relaxing slumber.
My current schedule requires that I am awake by 6:45am during the week. A Saturday allows me to sleep in which is something that I took full advantage of this morning. My body was quite refreshed from a proper rest. I was soon scooped up for a nice lunch complete with wine and coffee. After a dip in the small pool, I was introduced to the local version of Fresh Market. The shopping was lovely.
The beach came out of the middle of nowhere. I have never seen such foam from the sea before. Several pictures were captured due to my fascination with this salty phenomena. The salt easily crumbled in my toes, and the gigantic waves left me in awe. It was a beautiful sight to behold.
The evening is settling now with a game of tennis unfolding before me. Because I am performing tomorrow, I opted to observe instead of play. However, that shall change next week. It has been a wonderful get away for me. It has taught me that whenever it is possible for me to get away to a nice relaxing spot, it is a sign that I should go.


It was the very height of the holiday season. The queen mother announced that she would be traveling home to see her ailing sister, an aunt that I knew nothing about. When she said this aloud, I knew that second that I would be on that plane sitting next to her. There were things that I wanted to know. There were answers that my heart sought. My very existence was an extension of this one island nation. Without understanding how I was going on the trip, I expressed an interest on when she would buy the ticket for herself; I wanted to be informed.

Once at home, I began packing. There was no explanation as to how I was going to pull it off, but I knew that I had to go. Plane tickets are expensive, and I did not have the money to pay my bills let alone travel. Within three days time, a hefty sum of money manifested through surprise refunds and jobs that required my expertise. Upon informing her that I was going with her, she began to laugh. Apparently, the king father said that it was a pity that I could not go with her due to my job. This decision shocked both of them. I contacted the friends that needed to know that I would be in the air. It is a practice of mine to make my peace with people prior to traveling in the event God should call upon me to depart this realm. After informing my boss of the predicament, my mother and I made our way out of the country.

My heart does not belong in the city of an island. It belongs on the quiet beach with the beautiful waters. I spent a lot of time in the mountains visiting with country folk. They have a common practice of burying the dead on the same property. Miguel the pig was introduced with me along with a host of goats, chickens, and underfed dogs. I had the opportunity to pray at the most beautiful river and spent time in some beautiful historic spots.

While en route to visit my ailing aunt, my stomach became difficult to deal with. The ride through the mountains to her residence was unberable for me. I later realized that it was impossible for me to deal with the situation on a physical level. Thank god for Ting as it calmed my upset stomach. The family scene was grim. There was one leg. There were tears. I watched as the previous generation of women in my family embraced for the first time in years.
It was a touching moment. Things that I thought were unique about me are actually genetic.

The visions that were projected through me during this time were often quite vivid and colorful. The spirits in the mountains speak of the original motherland and the torture that has been experienced as a people at the hands of murderers and thieves. As poor as the people are financially, they are equally rich in spirit and life. Culture is abundant and free and there are many smiles everywhere you go. My god what a truly magnificent place.

Did I get the answers you ask? Yes, I did. I plan to return this year under happy circumstances. The beach will be my residence, and my sisters will be at my side. Until I return, the island nation that contributed to my origin holds a special place in my heart. Land of my ancestors, place of my beloved mother, the key to my path. Many more questions still linger. Other countries hold the answers to those but, one trip at a time.


The flood gates are about to open. People will run the streets in a shopping cult running from store to store bursting credit card limits the world over. A sentimental feeling will begin to overcome people and the large shall become larger. This is a good time to book extra classes at your local gym. Take a walk when you wake up after you stretch and stay hydrated.

Couples will get closer. Some will conceive a child. Single people may meet someone under that famed mistletoe. Mind the egg nog while Santa Baby is on the airwaves. Things have been known to mysteriously happen. If they do, please remember to have a Santa hat handy so as to avoid extra unwanted presents that can not be returned to the sender or store.

There will be the What Do the Lonely Do At Christmas Crew. You will not recognize them at a party or even in public because that is the easy part. It is behind closed doors that a deep unknown abyss opens during this time of year for many a lone soul. I plead with you to include anyone that you feel is without people in your celebrations during this time of year. A simple smile does so much for people that are sad and lonely.

Everyone knows the ever popular matriach. She cooks. She cleans. She raises the kids and the grandkids. Waits hand and foot on her husband and does not mind yet another ten people showing up for dinner unannounced….that is what she will say to you through the most pleasant of smiles. She needs a break. She needs to go to the spa and not talk to anyone for about a day. You may call this person a friend. If so, kidnap her and take her to the beach. Deposit her cell phone in the sand and allow her to play in the waves so that she can refresh herself. Make sure that you take a dip too. Women must remember to enjoy themselves during this season as well and avoid stressing themselves out while others are having a good time.

The Full Moon is right around the corner with the end of Mercury in Retrograde. The Winter Solstice is also upon us. There is much work to be done on my behalf. There is much to be executed during the month of December not to mention….I am still looking for a hot number for the Holiday Circle next month. There are angels to connect with, readings to do, and meditation to calm. Maintaining balance is important and a full time dedication. I am happy to wish all of you a very pleasant SEASONS’ GREETINGS.

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