As I wonder about what I shall wear to my family home for the big dinner(sigh), a text came through inviting me to a friend’s home. She has no idea how grateful I am to be thought of in this manner. I do plan to attend after my top meal of the day. However, now I have an attire predicament on my hands.

I do not want to wear a dress and wish to be casual. My work on being a little more fashionable with regards to my hard earned body has shortened the length of skirts and the such in various situations. However, if I show up in an outfit of this nature to dinner…with my mother present….people will be bowing their heads on my behalf instead of the meal.

Perhaps a compromise of sorts can be found. The last time that I wore a dress that my mother did not like, she did not hesitate to make a physical reference to my boobs and went so far as to purchase three brand new dresses for me. I do wish to avoid conflict today. A moment of silence is required here……

Sunday Evening: Angel Encounters

If I did not get out of the house today, it may have swallowed me alive. After escaping the four walls of domestication, I wandered into the bookstore to purchase a book. This was after I realized that the library was closed, and I could not go there today. Well, the bookstore was so busy that I decided to leave. I wandered into a clothing store that features hip styles.

I walked back and forth to the fitting room trying on different items. I did not want anything that was appropriate for work or a mere extension of what I normally purchase. No long skirts or island dresses. I wanted something to take me completely out of my conservative dress box. I left the store happy that I had taken yet another step in my quest to bring forth my inner vixen. No doubt Archangel Jophiel would be proud of me.

Upon returning to my home, I sat down and painted my nails a bright orange. As the evening settled, I prepared for meditation. The warm presence was completely ignored by me in my determination to calm myself. However, the presence grew warmer and that is when I realized that Jophiel was indeed proud of me. She came to let me know:) It was an awesome connection.

Meditation was different this evening. It wasn’t long before I found myself crying. Archangel Michael had swirled around me in his purple strength. I saw him cutting away at whatever was not suppossed to be around me. The water sat in my eyes since they were closed. He was protecting me from something that I assume was hurting me. Now that I am back in this realm, I am pondering the experience.

These days find me wanting to inspire and encourage more women on a regular basis. It brings me a great deal of joy to reach out and connect with such beautiful creatures. Prayers are sent via text to my sisters, and readings are done in person. It is a nice way to enjoy my life. My name is Lady, and my passion is empowering women.

Jophiel Moment

It was a week ago today. I found out that I am a conservative dresser. This was a startling revelation for me. It was no surprise that Archangel Jophiel made a very strong appearance yesterday. She is no doubt here to assist me with my concern. There are some things that I wish to beautify and the assistance has arrived:)

My fashion style features long skirts and dresses with a revealing top here or there. Since my major weight loss in 2009, I left jeans in the distance since they were too big for me. Now, I see that a pair of jeans would be really nice to own and maybe some shorts just for casual wear. I feel the need to add some spice to my attire. My friends are always telling me to do something with my sexiness. I have worked hard on my physical fitness and deserve to share my sculpture. Why, I never wear make up either…

The people at the show last week were bedazzling in chic wear that was short and fun. It made me wonder if this was an element that I could add to my closet. My inner girl wants to come out and play dress up. I don’t know the last time that I bought new clothes for myself and the sweat pants that I like to sport are also too big for me now.

It is due to Jophiel’s recent presence that all of this began to sort itself out in my mind. Perhaps she wants me to spend more time on my appearance so that I can exude all sides of myself. This shall be an interesting journey for me.

When I was in high school, a friend introduced me to a friend of hers and the three of us began hanging out together. This new friend of mine was always dressed in a rather stylish manner, and I really loved it. It made me create outfits for when I was hanging out with them. Our mutual friend soon exclaimed that she was in the company of supermodels and asked us for fashion tips. Well, I need to tap my inner fashionista. Any ideas?