Nov 11

Sunday Evening: Angel Encounters

2012-11-11T22:09:58+00:00November 11th, 2012|Angels|0 Comments

If I did not get out of the house today, it may have swallowed me alive. After escaping the four walls of domestication, I wandered into the bookstore to purchase a book. This was after I realized that the library was closed, and I could not go there today. Well, […]

Oct 31

Jophiel Moment

2012-10-31T17:28:03+00:00October 31st, 2012|Angels, BODY, SELF-EMPOWERMENT|0 Comments

It was a week ago today. I found out that I am a conservative dresser. This was a startling revelation for me. It was no surprise that Archangel Jophiel made a very strong appearance yesterday. She is no doubt here to assist me with my concern. There are some things […]