Sometimes, I want sympathy for being f***able. I was asked why I would want sympathy instead of congratulations. Well, I get congrats all the time. People stop me in the streets, friends admire(the fake ones were lost with the weight), and the sight of my own body in progress is a huge accomplishment for me. The sympathy comes in here.

The scheduling of classes alone takes up some time out of my day. When I have to reschedule a workout session, that is potentially detrimental because I like to have between 3-4 times a week in whatever studio I support at the time. I pay torturemasters to kick me around because if left to my own devices, I would give a Teletubby a run for its money. Once my body begins to detox, I can’t eat the same old junk anymore which requires healthy cooking. Did I mention the probiotics three times a day, the different teas, and water intake? I get to dress differently because my old clothes hang off me. Its a beautiful thing working towards a healthy version of me…but sometimes, Lady wants a hug of understanding how difficult it is trying to maintain the new me.

Maybe I shall ask my current instructors….