If I did not get out of the house today, it may have swallowed me alive. After escaping the four walls of domestication, I wandered into the bookstore to purchase a book. This was after I realized that the library was closed, and I could not go there today. Well, the bookstore was so busy that I decided to leave. I wandered into a clothing store that features hip styles.

I walked back and forth to the fitting room trying on different items. I did not want anything that was appropriate for work or a mere extension of what I normally purchase. No long skirts or island dresses. I wanted something to take me completely out of my conservative dress box. I left the store happy that I had taken yet another step in my quest to bring forth my inner vixen. No doubt Archangel Jophiel would be proud of me.

Upon returning to my home, I sat down and painted my nails a bright orange. As the evening settled, I prepared for meditation. The warm presence was completely ignored by me in my determination to calm myself. However, the presence grew warmer and that is when I realized that Jophiel was indeed proud of me. She came to let me know:) It was an awesome connection.

Meditation was different this evening. It wasn’t long before I found myself crying. Archangel Michael had swirled around me in his purple strength. I saw him cutting away at whatever was not suppossed to be around me. The water sat in my eyes since they were closed. He was protecting me from something that I assume was hurting me. Now that I am back in this realm, I am pondering the experience.

These days find me wanting to inspire and encourage more women on a regular basis. It brings me a great deal of joy to reach out and connect with such beautiful creatures. Prayers are sent via text to my sisters, and readings are done in person. It is a nice way to enjoy my life. My name is Lady, and my passion is empowering women.