I had a job yesterday.  It was a beautiful couple.  After I returned home, I unloaded and ran to Publix.  In an effort to save money, I cooked my dinner.  Sleep found me soon.  Little Birdie did not get his night time towel.  My morning began at the beach and unfolded into a heavy flow.  Two associates found other activities and now the Sunday Blues are setting in.  The two days that should be spent doing fun things and prepping for life in general have vanished.  Taking Monday off has crossed my mind.

The daily routine of a 9-5 has worn me out.  The always increasing expectations with the normal obstacles has simply taken its toll.  The requirement of being in charge of others for such a long period of time is exhausting.  Different people have different needs at once within a classroom.  Coworkers that lean heavily upon me do not assist the situation.  How does someone get worse with enforced boundaries? How I long to be free to follow my own agenda.  Perhaps, I will be soon.