Summer used to be my favorite season.  School would be closed, and I was left free to pursue a life of leisure.  Exercise, hanging out, travel, and just pure fun.  Once I left the classroom for my own pursuits, my love for the season seemed to dwindle.  Less suffering has occurred on a daily basis and a complete disconnection is no longer needed.

The days are long.  Hurricane season wrecks havoc on South Florida.  There is no activity in my life.  People are consumed with their own lives, kids, significant others, jobs.  They should be.  It reminds me of the summer post high school graduation; it was such a lonely time for me.  The feeling is similar now except that I have to worry about my bills every day.  Living alone is no longer something that I wish to pursue.  No one knows how much time I spend by myself.  Even the bird is quiet which leaves the house silent.

A few weeks ago, I did venture out to pool party and danced all night.  While I did not connect with anyone, it was nice to party in a hotel.  I woke up feeling sore as hell but with good memories.  As my body healed itself, I smiled knowing that I had left the house to socialize with other people.  Even my regular tea date was postponed.  No work.  No hanging out. Sigh.