My birthday week was an amazing time.  It has served as the foundation for connecting with wonderful women, and simply bringing a great deal of joy to my life.  It is an invisible embrace when a quiet supporter is suddenly sitting next to you at your birthday dinner.  She is taking pictures with you and is genuinely happy to be a part of your celebration.  When I sit back and think that there was a time when a love interest could not even be bothered to properly RSVP no, the comparison is unreal.  I wanted to to have one on one time with this person and tea was suggested.  It was a magical time of bonding with what feels like a new calm friend.

The return of a colleague to town harkened new collaborations and bonding.  I have come to realize that their is a strong personality present that is eager to welcome this new found friendship.  It makes my heart happy.  All of these warm connections took place in the middle of a joyous work week.  Musical memories were made three days in a row with one day being of great note.  As I performed in the back of the room, in walked the company head with the beauty of a goddess.  We caught with each other post performance and realized that this was the second time that we were seeing each other in over a decade.  She shared wise words with me which were immediately committed to memory.  I have made it a point to reflect and move on them.

As Spring Break begins, others are pleased to be on vacation.  It is just another wondrous day in my life.  I was able to start my day in the park with three laps.  The water was calming and the weather is comfortable.  Women may gather with me on the beach later today to bathe in the light of the moon.  The roots of my thirties are being seen.  Womens’ circles, connecting with others, and dance.  Yes, I have been dancing with joy in my heart.