I had the most amazing afternoon. It began with lunch with my family in Coconut Grove. All of us looked quite fashionable and the service was very nice. I texted a friend mid meal to inform her that we would be dining there soon. South Beach soon found me combing through a clearance sale again and enjoying a nice chat with the store owner. While returning home, my thirst got the best of me, and I decided to drive a little further to treat myself to a Starbucks cool lime refresher. Its hot outside.
A very nice young man waited on me at the order box. Upon arriving at the window, my eyes locked on the sight of his Hematite & Tiger’s Eye bracelet. This combination was a first for me, and it was on a guy. My steady silent gaze startled him, and he jumped back. He asked if there was a problem which finally prompted me to speak. I told him that I liked his bracelet and asked if it could be touched. He told me how his mother gave it to him for protection. This resonated with me a great deal. My outfit is comprised of several protection amulets today. Why the very friend that received the social text from me mid meal also received the text about the outfit for the meal. My concern was that I wanted to look just right for the lunch with my family; however, I wanted to dress like the voodou woman from The Princess and the Frog. (she described me as that character in one of my pictures so the thought has a special meaning for me.) My presence today was that of a hippie….yes, the shoes fit and I wear them….often…….
While this fabulous young man with the gems prepared my refresher, my inner voice wanted me to hand him my business card. One even appeared in my hands; however, my logical mind got the best of me and soon the car was driving off. HARK! WHAT WAS THAT? The young man was calling me to return to the window to get my caramel frapp…..”I did not order that”. However, there was also a charge on my receipt. He had to refund my money which was going to take a second. Doesn’t it strike you as strange that suddenly I had to spend more time with him when there is something that I did not do?
He has my card now. He thanked me profusely for it. He does not know that he is the cherry in my sundae today, and it is only 7pm.
Follow your first mind. Do not hold back. Your inner voice is your guidance. It is not your imagination. It is your friend. Women in particular are very prone to be in tune with that intuition; however, society teaches us that we are simply wacky or nuts. Well, here I am. That wacky nutty individual that is now able to help people because I chose to embrace what is my nature. People seek my advice on spiritual matters and express their sincere gratitude for my assistance. It makes me feel effective and simply amazing.