I like to read about the various animal totems that can appear in a person’s life. It seems as if a cat was sent to protect me last year. There is also a strange connection with a crab for me. However, since being in my current position, two animals have made appearances that have caught my attention.
During the time prior to my father’s transition, entire groups of women were congregating at my parental home. While taking a phone call from a dear friend outside, an orange butterfly of sorts simply appeared and flew right at me. I never saw it fly away as it simply vanished. Orange is a color that has presented itself in my life this year and it was a topic of discussion that very day. For me to see an orange butterfly represented the presence of heaven.
Last night, I was taken for a walk in a dog park. There were nests of burrowing owls. They never strayed too far from home. As we made our way back to the car, there was one owl that was perched on the fence. We stopped to admire it. It would turn its head upside down to gaze at us. This went on for a rather long moment before it took to the sky. It struck me as a profound minute.