In an effort to slow down and catch myself, my evenings have consisted of ice cream and binge watching Scandal on Netflix. It was working out quite nicely for me until last night. The beach crossed my mind. I love walking on the beach at night. The massive crowds have left, and the ocean simply takes me into her embrace. I closed my laptop and packed my golden beach bag. Off to Hollywood I went.
Dusk greeted me as my feet carried me over the small bridge to the sand. There my body plopped happy to be in nature. A dog followed its owner in the waves. My eyes took in the sight of a small mansion being build behind the dunes. Beachside property has always crossed my mind, but the thought of hurricane season has always deterred such a stream of thoughts. The waves peaked as white foam before softly crashing on the shore. The skyline twinkled all the way down to Miami, and ships honked far off in the distance.
Thoughts were allowed to unwind in my head. My eyes closed as my feet dug into the sand. This brief solitude was worth a long day at work. As the sky flashed with electricity, the heavy darkness began to fall. My golden bag was soon scooped up as my feet carried me back over the bridge to my Element. I will visit the beach more often because it makes me smile.IMG_0754