I am introverted. It was about two years ago when I realized that social situations make me nervous. I intentionally avoid them and only attend when I know a lot of people. Well, such social anxiety has contributed to singledom amongst other things. When I started to understand my behavior and took steps to change it, a romantic association landed in my lap; so no used to that. Why? I am normally at my house reviewing my very busy schedule that includes everything in the world except true social interaction that is beyond my control.
When I received an invitation to a pool party this evening, I graciously accepted. Why? Well, I only knew one person, it was close to me, and I was thankful for the invitation. It was a chance for me to get out of the house and be around people.
My time was well spent swimming in the pool and contributing to decent conversation. The dancing and dessert were not bad either.
My work played a huge part in making me a shy person. I am used to people coming up to me and talking. When placed in a social situation that requires that I talk to complete strangers, I get extremely nervous. My comfort box is completely taken from me, and I used to avoid it at all costs. Since taking baby steps to try it out, I even explained my situation to people. The responses were very encouraging. I found out that I am not the only one that feels like that, and sometimes, I am even able to help other people join the fun as well.