This can take quite some time to master.  Some are better at it than others; however, it is possible to understand the language of your own body.  Let’s start with our diet.

Sometimes during a workout, I have thoughts of a large steak with potatoes and a salad.  The thought of the size of the steak is dominant.  I do not love steak but chances are very high that my body requires an iron boost.

I used to do aloe shots with a friend.  She would juice the aloe and pour it in shot glasses.  We did them side by side.  I learned that aloe in such a pure form is entirely too much for my digestive system.  While it did serve as an excellent cleanser, the effects were quite harsh and I soon moved on to aloe juice.  Its gentler on me and still has the benefits that I desire.

Then there was the vegetarian month.  Ms. Adventure was finished with the experiment in one week; but, I persevered.  The effects on my stomach were wonderful in that I never had that blowfish feeling.  The downside for me was the fact that I found myself abusing starch and often going without any veggies at all.  After the fourth week, I returned to meat with an understanding that I would increase my veggie intake.

Pilates introduced me to the art of soaking in Epsom Salts.  Many a night found me in the tub in Epsom Salts as I attempted to ease my pained flesh.  This is a practice that continues to this very day.  When necessary, I would take Tylenol PM to help me sleep.  However, I soon realized that I felt sleepy for a long period of time during the day whenever this would occur.  It came to my attention that Tylenol PM was too much for me, and I soon found a Sleepy Time tea that did not do that.

My current workout regimen places a lot of stress on my body.  It holds the memory of the effort in certain places and reminds me that yes, you made that valiant effort on Sunday even if it is Thursday.  This is a sign that a massage therapist must be on call after a certain number of exercise sessions or I can look forward to waddling.  It has happened before…many times.

What I have to share next, is not pleasant but must be said.  I was once told to pay attention to what comes out of my body.  I should be able to draw a picture of it so that I can relay the information to the appropriate party.  Regardless of the outlet, know the adjectives that will describe what is being released from you.  I know; the visual but it is what it is.

We can take this a step further. There may be a place where you do not feel comfortable.  Perhaps you can not put your finger on it.  Your body will tell you with that tightness in your stomach or perhaps your heart suddenly feels restricted.  There is a reason why you feel like that.  Try to avoid that particular place.  Pay attention to your signs.

More later.  There is a heaviness under my eyes which can only mean that I need a nap.