Things that I love….

1.) I have more control of my schedule.

Waking up first thing in the morning to inhale breakfast while throwing myself into traffic only to have chaos thrown at me M-F was killing me.  My week follows an untraditional schedule, but it works for me.  I tend to perform on the weekends.  Monday & Tuesday make up the weekend.

2.) I can focus on my health and proper self care.

After a long performing marathon, my massage therapist & chiropractor help put me back together.  Performing takes a toll on my body as it requires constant pulling and tugging.  New stretches and exercise have been added to my regimen as a way to maintain myself.  Hydration is also an immediate go to.  Medical appointments are made whenever I need them.  Summer is no longer the catch all.

3.) Conversations can be held without rushing or worrying if a class is waiting for me.

4.) Needy coworkers are a thing of the past.  I am around people when I want to be around them and there aren’t any expectations that are placed on me.  No one contacts me outside of work hours.  My Do Not Disturb Button is used when I have to disconnect.

5.) Free business consultations are a wonderful way to gain insight.

6.) I grant chase whenever I please.

7.) I am not emotionally drained anymore.


Things that I do not love…

1.) My personal life gets lost in the shuffle.  No one knows that I am single.

2.) I am never on break or vacation.

3.) Outsourcing is for a larger company.  I wear 9 out of the ten hats in my LLC.

4.) I hate paying for my own insurance.

5.) This path can be lonely.  I have decided to cowork more often, and book more duo performances.  I was not meant to be alone all of the time.

6.) I live in fear of my car being repossessed.

7.) If clients understood what I go through because of their wedding, my pricing would never be questioned.

8.) Manicures & pedicures are a luxury, not a requirement.

9.) Sometimes, I do wish that I had a 9-5pm because it is an easier life.  Marketing would not be constant, and payday would be a certain sum every two weeks. Insurance would not be a thing.

10.) There are so many projects that I want to execute but lack the funding to do them.