Saturday Sight

The predicament with being an adult is focusing on what is truly important. Do we work every day to pay our bills or to enjoy the finer things that life has to offer? Perhaps the degree on your wall was attained in order to get a higher paying job instead of serving as the foundation for your passion.
The mindless running around day in and day out must end with a sound purpose. Do you know what you do what you do? Was that breakfast sandwich consumed because you didn’t go to Publix on the weekend or because it is a part of your routine?
We buy things that constantly clutter our lives. These expensive phones come with updates and more info than any one person can stand. Do you really need to have notifications from fb pushed to your phone or does it make you feel important?
Ask yourself questions that truly analyze your behavior. More often than not, we are a stranger to ourselves. Above all else, we should have a solid foundation in self. We should have certification in me, myself, and I. Anyone that thinks it is selfish is not equipped to then deal with other people.
You have to equip yourself with the necessary tools that are required just to get by and hopefully thrive. Hug. Call. Have fellowship with others. Engage in polite conversation that turns into deep reflective thought. What else are we doing? Staying attuned to social media? Life has more to offer. Make yourself available to it.