Saturday Reflection This is a critical time in your development. You have major decisions to make regarding your life. Will you continue to take the same issues into a new beginning or will you choose to do the required work in order to face them? It is not easy. Dealing with your own truths, pain, and anguish takes sincere integrity. It is a healing process that is not rose gold. However, the alternative is staying stuck without any progress. Such a grim reflection in itself can bring sadness. Reach out to your resources. Chances are high that you have everything that you need to help you get to the next level. There is a new llc that offers the exact device that you need. A virtual workshop on fb has the content that would benefit you. It could even be that single conversation with the associate in the health aisle at your local farmers market. Invest more time and energy in your overall well being. You have made time to accommodate everything else that life throws at you. It is time to make you and your needs first on that long list. You have support. You have encouragement. Go for it. $ladyofharp