Saturday Night: A Word….

There must be one thing that you want. It stands out on the list. It may not be at the top but it makes the top ten. Have you written it down? Drawn a picture? Talked about it? You should go after it.

A woman my age was buried this afternoon. She was murdered over something ridiculous. She is beautiful and left behind daughters. Was she doing what she wanted? Was her life everything that she wanted it to be?

She is a spirit now. Her body will decompose. All that will be left of her are memories, pictures, and her children. All of us are going that route. We owe it to ourselves to use what little time God has given us to chase happiness. Whatever that looks like for you, go after it. Make a plan. Get into formation. Create an accountability partner.

Disregard the opinions of others and create positive spaces for yourself. Chasing happiness often requires change and it may be uncomfortable….but the results are legendary.