The sounds of a horrible crash awakened me from my sweet slumber. My eyes opened with curiosity. What the hell happened? As I rushed to the window, the imaginary black cat meowed behind me. It wasn’t long before an ocean of red lights flickered frantically as assistance was required. My head shook from left to right as I sauntered off to sleep.
As my eyes opened again, the realization of three dreams popped up and I began to work on them. Breakfast soon followed with the thought that Saturday is going to be amazing. I’m headed to Naples today for a performance. It is the only productive thing on my schedule today. This makes me proud.
Long gone are the days when I would work myself to a pulp only to show up frazzled and incomplete. When I need a break, I take a break. If a certain area of my life is going to become hectic, everything else must die down. Self preservation is important because the world will continue with or without me. This is a lesson that I learned in my last decade.