Understand when you are being pushed into a new direction.  A series of undesired events may happen to you which make you realize a few things about yourself and your path.  You may be tired.  You may be frustrated.  Overwhelmed.  Upset.  All of these feelings are valid.  However, when you hit the floor and the crying stops, the silence will take over.  In that moment, you must make a decision to go with the change or be forced to become a dinosaur.  The choice is yours alone to make.

I choose the ultimate pivot and must embrace the new world order.  In person activity is risky.  Virtual interaction is not even the future; it is the present.  A new way of seeking an income and being fulfilled is necessary in order for not just survival, but thriving.  After all, what is the point of being blessed with a life and not being able to enjoy it?  I am learning to live under new circumstances along with many of you.