After my two hour workout, I found myself at home relaxing with a spot of tea.  A text message appeared mentioning that a friend had spent some time with her recently acquired mother-in-law.  During this family bonding, the question of grandchildren arose to great surprise.  When a woman has been married for a nano second, the question of children may be a bit shocking.  What if she wanted to enjoy having a new last name for a minute? Maybe she wants to understand her new relationship as a fabulous beginning.  My mind raced.  I grimaced at the message and began to click away on my IPHONE.

People are always rushing or succumbing to being rushed.  If you are single, the question is when are you getting a boyfriend.  If you are in a relationship, it is when are we hearing wedding bells.  If you do get married, it is when are you having children.  If you have one kid, when is the other one on the way?  Well, isn’t anyone going to ask when are you going to die?  Would that be the reasonable conclusion to this insane madness?  My question would be, when are you going to give yourself the chance to experience life just for you.

My situation is a good example of this.  I baffle people when they learn that I am no longer in my 20s and do not have children.  I am single.  I do not feel as if I need a man to complete my life.  I tend to think that I would add lots of color to his.  My preference lends itself more towards a life of actual living.  There are so many inspirational experiences to have and new places to enjoy.  If all of those other things that society claims is supposed to be my happiness are in my particular path, then surely fate shall intervene without me watching my afro go gray.  Yes, I went natural a few years ago but that is another post.

A woman should be allowed to enjoy her life at her own leisure without being shunned.  She can explore options instead of accepting what is expected.  How many people have said, “I wish that I had gone traveling when I had the chance.  Now, I have too many responsibilities…”.  If we are always rushing to the next expected bus stop, when do we actually get to just run free in the wind? Exploration is such a beautiful thing.  It gives you the opportunity and the extreme pleasure of knowing about yourself on a serious level.  I like this topic.