Today, I returned to my alma mater for professional development. Being on the campus was surreal. There are so many new buildings that I almost got lost. I saw my old haunts and remembered the afternoons of just being around other musicians. The collegiate life looked rather attractive this morning, and it hit me that I appreciated it more now than when I was there. The opportunity to study exactly what you want without the demands of an adult life sounds rather escapist. It made me smile. The sculptures were grand and the traffic medium to heavy.
Something else crossed my mind. I was asked out a grand total of two times in college. Does that number seem a bit low to you? The dating process unfolded like blueprints. Did dating happen in college? No, not really. In retrospect, there was no concept of how to involve myself in romantic endeavors. The only guidelines that I was aware of were do not have sex and do not get pregnant. Those were the only two things that were drilled into me about the whole thing my entire life. There was a serious relationship that blossomed prior to graduation but it soon came crashing to the ground as my first year working came to an end.