Being an adult is a lot of work.  There are so many things that always require your attention:  mental health, physical fitness, dental, vision, diet, digestion, podiatry, massage, gyn issues… is a full time job.  This is one of the major reasons why I do not want to have kids.  Taking care of myself is difficult.  The pandemic has brought many resources to me which I have taken advantage of.

Therapy appointments are fully covered by my insurance company until further notice.  I had no clue that a health coach was included with my health plan.  There are apps that will help you throughout the day with meditation, sleep, and tracking your meals.  A local womens’ group is forming a team to do a walk for May, and a walking partner would benefit my fitness journey.  Encouraging myself is not always an easy thing for me to do.

It is refreshing to have help available to me as I feel alone quite often.  There is no significant other, and my small family keeps to itself.  Friends are tending to their own woes, and there goes life.  Standing on my own two feet is easier with that occasional lift.