I used to fear what people would think about me if they knew about my spiritual practices. It was a secret amongst a certain set of people. I would share my thoughts on the ways of the past and how women flourished prior to society progressing into the New World. It wasn’t until a dear friend pulled me to the side and told me that I should find a platform to amplify my voice as many women would welcome the sound of it. Why should it be kept to a precious few?
Here it is six months later, and I am producing events and gathering women for empowering experiences, spiritual enligtenment, emotional conenctions, and outright fun. This has been the most important thing that I have done this year. My fear of being isolated for what I hold dear has been embraced by many. Encouragement and support have inspired me to continue the work that is closest to my heart. Releasing this has allowed me to help others which makes me extremely happy. I look forward to 2013 and all it has to offer.