At some point, you have to sit down with yourself and admit a few things. There are departments in my life that exist out of fear. My positive outlook is often dismantled by anxiety. I am afraid to walk away from the 9-5 for fear that I will end up in a homeless shelter. What type of individual wants to leave a steady job for the world of freelance in the middle of a pandemic? I should be grateful to have an income that pays my bills and provides me with healthcare. It also makes me unhappy because I know in my heart that self-employment is where I should be.

The fear of a lack of income has always been paramount in my mind. Serial entrepreneurs have more than one business, and put the various incomes to good use. As a single girl with little to no family, there is no plan B. There is no safety net. Either I provide for myself or else Biscayne Blvd has a new resident. What shall I do? What is the strategy?

A brand new year calls for brand new things. Instead of standing in this utter dismay, there is something that can be done. Avoid the band aid. Embrace the entire picture. This fear is holding me back from my ultimate happiness. This is not to say that tomorrow is my last day; however, it is the final chapter in punching into another clock.