Friday has finally come to my rescue and saved me from the hellatious routine of work. My slow weekend is pulling in like a gentle breeze. I look forward to some smooth jazz and wonderful company coupled with intense workouts. Something did cross my mind, and I decided to do some investigating.

It wasn’t too long ago that I began to study cycles hence my obsession with the moon. (The New Moon is upon us. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to set the intention for this new cycle. Plant your seed and watch it grow:) I learned how to create my 52 day life calendar which gives me insight into my own personal cycles in life. During this particular period, feeling restless is normal, and I am to avoid over thinking. Look at that. Isn’t that my week in a nutshell? Neck tension. Headaches. Appetite withdrawl. Lower tolerance for things that do not serve me including time eaters…..I have sent a record number of emails about problems this week. I am simply trying to protect my throat chakra and expect to receive the expert to present this shortly. I even encountered difficulty with meditation this week. Here are my proposed solutions for myself:

(1.) A slower pace leads to a slower mind. If I feel rushed, the root of the problem must be found and turned off. Going to bed earlier and waking up earlier can assist as well as by enforcing structure throughout the day.

(2.) I experimented with meditating prior to sunrise in bed. This truly put me in between both worlds. I was more awake in one than the other, and the magical music soothed the tension in my head. Because the ebb and flow of life constantly change, sometimes my meditation practice has to change as well in spite of my obsessive Piscean trends.

(3.) Working out is fantastic; however, it must be coupled with the appropriate time for you as well as with the appropriate type of workout. Some days, you may want to go for two long intense hours in the gym while other days will be perfect with a simple walk around the block with the dog. I went swimming on Sunday, but Thursday may find me rock climbing.

(4.) By Monday, I hope to replace my obscure cup of coffee with tea. The caffeine in my system isn’t good for me and interferes with the normal function of my body. I did miss the taste of it but that craving can be put on a leash now. I have had a whole week and was proud of myself for drinking more water to combat the drying effect that coffee has on your body.

(4.) While I do maintain a personal meditation practice, I also meditate with a group when the opportunity presents itself. I have even begun to “team” meditate which is something that I will present in the next circle. My current research with meditation has been translated into a project which shall be discussed at a later date.

(5.) I need to go to the beach more often. Time in the garden or a walk in the park are wonderful things to do; however, my main event is grouding myself in the waves and allowing the mother ocean to hug me with her loving energy. When I think about the fact that the ocean once covered the earth, I humble myself in knowing that she left some land alone so that we could have somewhere to live.

I have also had the good fortune to have the most wonderful sisters in the world. My morning began with one of my favorite people ever calling to check on me. The feeling that I get when a sister intentionally takes time out of her busy schedule to see how I am doing first thing in the morning is truly something special. This is a loving act that I hope everyone gets to be a part of. We are not islands but human beings that are connected to each other if we only take the time to feel that. Speaking of feeling….

Follow your feelings. Listen to them about your body. You know when something needs to be changed or if you need to be seen by a medical professional. Sometimes, you will get the distinct feeling that there is someone that appreciates your presence. Well, that is not your imagination. Pick up the phone and schedule tea because chances are very high that you enjoy that person’s presence also. When two people are able to work toward a common goal, the path has more light because of the combined energies. The resonation of that vibration can have a ripple effect and benefit many aspects of life. Two women laughing is better than one woman laughing. A happy woman can change the atmoshpere of society.

The hour is late, and my desire to have a refreshed feeling in the morning is paramount. Perhaps a spot of tea, light prayer, and a few deep breaths shall prepare me for the remainder of the night. The weekend brings thoughts of creativity and relaxation. I shall have both.