Sometimes, my interactions with people cause me to take a pause. More often than not, this is the case which is part of why I would rather stay in the comfort of my own home. It is simply easier and safer. The downside of this is that the house begins to swallow you whole. Time passes you by and life becomes mundane. This is not news.
What is news is that after a long period of questioning and trying to rationalize my purpose in life, an epiphany washed over me earlier today. Research and browsing are both something that I would like to conduct for myself once again. There are certain spiritual matters that require answers for me. This will require training, reflecting, interviews, and time. It is my hope that I can find whatever it is that seeks me. It is comforting to know that there is a foundation that I can lay. Resources will begin to reveal themselves, and a new layer of myself shall unfold. Am I not the onion that is peeled away layer by layer?